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142nd death in Supabeda: Kidney disease is swallowing the villagers one after the other, another life ends due to lack of facilities and money, where is the mistake happening?

Purushottam Patra, Gariaband. Naveen Sonwani, a kidney patient, died again on Friday in Supabeda, a village for kidney patients. Naveen was suffering from kidney disease in 2017. Gradually the disease progressed. The victim was admitted to AIIMS 2 months ago. Meanwhile, dialysis was also done 10 times. But due to the worsening of the financial condition of the victim's family during these two months, the laborer's family had to undergo incomplete treatment and return on March 14. In the case, CMHO Gargi Yadu said that the victim was undergoing treatment in AIIMS. In the midst of half-baked treatment, the family brought him back without consulting the doctor. The treatment was going on under the supervision of Devbhog BMO among the facilities available at the local level. Where the victim died today.

I had to come when I ran out of money

Satyawan, son of deceased Naveen, told that only dialysis facility is available in the name of treatment. Some medicines and blood have to be arranged by yourself. If there is more than one attendee, the food expenses have to be borne by yourself. 90 thousand rupees were spent in 2 months. Run the house by working as a labourer. Had to take a loan for father's treatment. Could not get loan again. Due to which it was forced to be brought back.

141 deaths so far, facilities remain same

The figures available in the Gram Panchayat show that since 2005, 141 deaths have occurred due to kidney disease. The death toll since 2011 is 96. Even now symptoms of kidney disease are present in more than 30 people. After the matter came to light, the death toll and the number of sick people have decreased but the issue has not been completely eradicated. Efforts are on to provide better health facilities through Tel River water and at the local level. Why are kidney patients present only in this village, is water alone the cause or is there some other element, this question still remains a mystery. The government kept changing but still no one has a concrete answer to this.

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