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20 January Mahakal Aarti: Mahadev in every particle, have darshan of Lord Mahakaleshwar sitting at home.

Ujjain. The doors of the world famous Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple located in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh were opened at 4 am on Saturday morning. Lord Mahakal was first anointed with water. After this, Abhishek Puja was performed with Panchamrit made from milk, curd, ghee, honey and fruit juice.

Baba Mahakal was adorned with hemp, sandalwood, dry fruits and jewellery. Ashes were offered to Shri Mahakaleshwar. Lord Mahakal wore the silver crown of Sheshnag, silver mundamaal, Rudraksha rosary along with a flower garland made of fragrant flowers and offered fruits and sweets to Baba. After this, makeup was done by offering Bhang, sandalwood and Tripund.

Hundreds of devotees visited Bhasma Aarti in the morning and earned virtuous benefits. People had darshan of Nandi Maharaj and went near his ear and asked for his blessings to fulfill their wishes. During this time the devotees were also chanting praises of Baba Mahakal. The entire temple was resonating with the praises of Baba.

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