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‘3 Idiots’ scene recreated as man rushes ailing grandfather on bike to hospital’s emergency ward in Madhya Pradesh

BHOPAL: The famous scene of Aamir Khan driving his friend’s critically ill father directly into the hospital’s emergency ward in the 2009 comedy-drama ‘3 Idiots’ was recreated in real life in Madhya Pradesh’s Satna district on Saturday night.

On-duty staff as well as patients and their attendants at the emergency ward of the Satna District Hospital (around 455 km from Bhopal) were left stunned, when a man rode his motorcycle directly into the emergency ward to ensure that his ailing grandfather had received immediate medical care.

The man identified as Neeraj Gupta drove the motorcycle directly into the hospital’s emergency ward, with his ailing grandfather seated in the middle along with his friend supporting him from behind.  

The viral video of the incident sees Neeraj stopping the motorcycle inside the emergency ward, as a security guard follows them and records the entire incident on his phone. Neeraj is then seen bringing his grandfather to the emergency ward with his friend’s help, who was seated on the pillion side.

Neeraj’s unconscious grandfather is then helped off the motorcycle by hospital staff, while the on duty security guard is seen to be questioning him for his actions which created a bit of chaos.

According to informed sources at the Satna District Hospital, Neeraj works at the same hospital and is tasked with issuing admission slips for patients.

Niraj is also seen reversing the motorbike and heading out of the hospital, after creating a flutter of sorts among the other patients and their attendants.

After learning about the incident, the Satna district hospital higher authorities have decided to look into the matter. “How can someone drive any patient directly into the hospital’s ward, particularly when stretchers and dedicated staff for rushing patients to doctors are already present there? Appropriate action will be initiated in this case.”

The real-life incident was akin to the reel-life scene of Aamir Khan driving his friend’s ailing father on a scooter with the help of his girlfriend-doctor (played by Kareena Kapoor) into a hospital’s emergency ward in the 2009 Bollywood hit ‘3 Idiots.’

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