73-year-old man dies of heart attack while dancing to a patriotic song

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Indore. A 73-year-old man died on Friday after allegedly suffering a heart attack while dancing to a patriotic song in military uniform during a yoga camp in Indore. This information was given by the organizer of the yoga camp. Rajkumar Jain, who is associated with the organization of the yoga camp in the city’s Futi Kothi area, said that Balveer Singh Chhabra (73) had come to this camp with his group for a special performance and was dancing to a film song titled “Maa Tujhe Salaam” wearing a military uniform and holding the national flag in his hand.

He said, “While dancing, Chhabra suddenly fell unconscious on the ground. Initially, we thought that he was pretending to be martyred after being shot by the enemy, but when he did not get up for a minute, we became suspicious. When we gave him ‘CPR’, he got up and sat on the chair and started asking us what had happened to him suddenly?” According to Jain, after allegedly suffering a heart attack, Chhabra was immediately taken to the nearby Arihant Hospital where he was declared dead after ECG and other tests.

An official of the private hospital confirmed Jain’s statement. Chhabra’s son Jagjit Singh said that his father, popularly known as “Veerji Chhabra” in the city, had been running a “Morning Walkers Club” for the past 25 years and was very active in social activities.

Jagjit said, “My father had applied for recruitment in the army in his youth, but he could not get selected. He was performing dances on patriotic songs for the last several years.” He told that his family has donated the eyes and skin of his late father. The video of Chhabra allegedly suffering a heart attack during a dance performance on a patriotic song has gone viral on social media.

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