A film will be made on the life of former IPS officer Kiran Bedi…

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Mumbai: A film is being made on the life of former IPS officer Kiran Bedi. The producers gave this information. According to the press release, the name of the film will be ‘Bedi: The Name You Know..The Story You Don’t’. Its director and writer is Kushal Chawla. It will be produced under the banner of ‘Dream Slate Pictures’.

According to the producers, the film will reveal the side of Bedi’s life which is still unknown to the people. Its story will bring to the screen the challenges related to her personal and professional life and her fighting personality.

“This story is not just my story. It is the story of an Indian woman… an Indian woman who grew up in India, studied in India, was raised by Indian parents,” Bedi said in the statement. “My story began at the age of nine when my father told me, ‘Life is a slope, either you will go up or down’,” she said.

Bedi said that her mother had told her that she should become a person who can help others and not the one whom others help. She said, “These two things remained my guiding principles.” Chawla said that to make a film on Bedi, she collected various information about her for about four years and understood her personality.

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