A piece of severed human thumb was found in the ice cream ordered online

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Mumbai. A man’s joy of ice cream in Mumbai’s Malad area went awry when he found a piece of flesh resembling a human thumb in the ice cream cone he ordered online, police said on Thursday.
Police said that the incident took place on Wednesday afternoon, after which the person lodged a complaint at the police station.
According to the police, this incident happened with 26-year-old Brendan Ferrao, a resident of Malad and a doctor by profession.

A police officer said, “Ferrao told in his complaint that he had ordered butterscotch cone ice cream of ‘Yummo Company’ online. When he was eating ice cream after lunch, a piece of flesh came out of the cone, which also contained a nail.” He said that Ferrao raised this issue and lodged a complaint on the Instagram page of the ice cream company.

The official said that the company did not give any proper reply on the complaint, after which the complainant kept the piece of meat in an ice bag and lodged a complaint at the Malad police station. He said that based on the complaint of the victim, the police have registered a case against the officials of Yummo Ice Cream Company under sections 272 (adulteration in food or drink for sale), 273 (sale of harmful food and drink) and 336 (endangering the life or safety of others) of the Indian Penal Code.

Talking to journalists about this incident, Farao said that while he was eating ice cream, suddenly a big piece came in his mouth, he thought that it might be a walnut, but later he realized that there was something wrong with it. After which he took the piece out of his mouth and was shocked to see a piece of flesh. He said that being a doctor, he is well acquainted with human organs and from this he came to know that the piece of flesh was a severed thumb.

Senior police inspector Ravindra Adane said that the size of the piece of flesh including the nail is about 1.5 cm. He said that the police have registered a case and they are trying to find out where this ice cream was brought from and when and where it was prepared.

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