About 73 percent of Indians read the ingredients list of snacks and their nutritional value

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New Delhi. About 73 percent of Indians read the ingredients list and nutritional value before buying any snacks. This information has been received from a survey report. This shows that most Indians are becoming health conscious while eating snacks. The ‘Healthy Snacking Report 2024’ released on Sunday, based on a survey of more than 6,000 people across the country, examines consumption trends.

The report said, “73 percent of the people surveyed prefer to read the label for the ingredients list and nutritional value before making a purchase. Of these, 93 percent have expressed their desire to read the label and adopt healthy options, emphasizing transparency.” This report of snacking brand Farmale has been released amid increasing cases of adulteration in food items. According to the report, consumers are now aware and they check food packets for potentially harmful substances.

Hence, nine out of 10 respondents tried to find healthy alternatives for snacks. Now, nearly 60 per cent Indians are opting for natural products containing nutritious ingredients like nuts, seeds and whole grains. Makhanas and dry fruits have emerged as the leaders in the healthy snacking segment and 67 per cent Indians prefer these nutrient-rich foods. A testimony to the growing popularity of makhanas in India is that most of the youth have named it as their trusted snack.

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