Adani is only a developer, Dharavi land will be transferred to Maharashtra government departments

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Mumbai. The multi-crore Dharavi slum redevelopment project does not involve the transfer of land to the Adani Group. Clarifying the situation, sources have said that the land in the project is to be transferred to the departments of the Maharashtra government and the Ahmedabad group will only build houses as a project developer which will be handed over to the same departments. Later these houses will be allotted to the residents of Asia’s largest slum.

MP Varsha Gaikwad has alleged land grabbing in this case. On these allegations, sources associated with the project said that the pieces of land are to be transferred only to the Dharavi Redevelopment Project/Slum Rehabilitation Authority (DRP/SRA) of the state government’s housing department. Adani Group had won the Dharavi slum redevelopment project in an open international bid. The group will build housing and commercial spaces through its joint venture company Dharavi Redevelopment Project Private Limited (DRPPL) and hand them over again to DRP/SRA.

Trying to clear the misconceptions on the project, sources said that as per the tender, the land will be allotted to DRP/SRA at rates fixed by the government. In this case where DRPPL has got the development rights, the State Support Agreement is part of the tender document. It clearly states that the state government will support the project by giving land to its own DRP/SRA department.

On the issue of allotment of railway land, where rehabilitation units for the first set of Dharavi residents are to be built, sources said it was allotted to DRP even before the tender, for which DRPPL paid a whopping premium of 170 per cent over the prevailing rates.

Terming the allegations that Dharavi residents will be evicted from Dharavi and rendered homeless as completely fictitious and a figment of imagination to create anxiety among the public, sources said the government’s 2022 order stipulates that every resident of Dharavi (eligible or ineligible) will be given a house. They asserted that no Dharavi resident will be displaced under the DRP/SRA scheme.

Holders of houses existing on or before January 1, 2000 will be eligible for in-situ rehabilitation. Those existing between January 1, 2000 and January 1, 2011 will be allotted houses anywhere in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) outside Dharavi for just Rs 2.5 lakh under PMAY or through rental. Sources said the Dharavi redevelopment tender is highly progressive. It is completely local-friendly and includes free and highly subsidised housing, stamp duty and property tax exemption, 10 years of free maintenance and 10 per cent commercial area in residential complexes.

The tender has set a strict deadline for completion of the work and there is a provision for imposing penalty for any violation. On the allegation of allotment of Kurla Mother Dairy’s land, sources said that this land is being given to DRP and not to Adani or DRPPL. The entire process has been followed under the Maharashtra Land Revenue (Disposal of Government Land) Rules, 1971.

Sources said a fake story is being spread about the project for electoral gains, which, if successful, will leave Dharavi residents living in poor conditions and with limited access to basic amenities. The Dharavi Redevelopment Project is a first-of-its-kind initiative that seeks to transform the area into a world-class city. Sources said the project seeks to improve the quality of life of Dharavi’s more than 1 million residents with a human-centric approach. They said special emphasis is being laid on sustainable transport systems and state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as skill development of youth.

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