Administration kept sleeping… School was locked: Future of 60 students depends on one teacher, parents and children angry over shortage of teachers

The Uncut

Mahasamund- Children and their parents have locked the government primary school Tenduwahi located in Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh. The lock has been put here demanding a shortage of teachers. 60 children from first to fifth class study in the school and for the last one and a half years only one teacher is seen teaching them. That means you can understand that this school is running on the strength of one teacher.

Angry parents and children locked the school, despite this no official of the education department reached here and neither did the administration take any action. However, parents and children are adamant on their demand.

Education department review meeting

On July 1, CM Vishnu Dev Sai held a review meeting of the School Education Department. Many important issues were discussed in the meeting and many decisions were also taken. Officers of the School Education Department were present in the meeting held at the CM House. CM Sai is handling this department since the resignation of School Education Minister Brijmohan Agarwal.

Instructions given to increase the number of teachers

In the meeting, the officers of the School Education Department gave a presentation of the departmental work to CM Shri Sai. In the meeting, he stressed on the quality of schools and said that schools should be inspected regularly. Where the officers told him that more than 300 schools in the state have a single teacher. That is, there is only one teacher. After which CM Shri Sai has instructed the officers to increase the number of teachers in these schools. Appointments will be made for this.

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