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Amazing calf with 3 eyes and two noses, born in a farmer's house: Villagers worshiping him considering him as incarnation of Shiva, crowd gathered to get a glimpse

Ajayarvind Namdev, Shahdol. A strange case has come to light in Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh. An incredible incident has been witnessed here in Kuluha village where a cow has given birth to a rare calf. This unique calf has not two but three eyes. Also has two noses.

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This rare calf has been born. A cow has given birth to a calf in a farmer's house in village Kuluha of Gram Panchayat Ataria of District Panchayat Budhar of the district. As soon as this news spread, a large number of people started arriving at the farmer's house to worship the calf considering it to be the “incarnation of Lord Shiva”.

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On February 10, in the house of a farmer Ratan Singh in Kuluha village, his cow gave birth to a calf which has three eyes and four holes in the nose. Its two eyes are in the right place. But the third eye is in the middle of the forehead like Lord Shiva.

After the birth of this unique calf, people have started considering it as the real incarnation of Lord Shiva. Villagers are continuously reaching the farmer's house to worship it. These days, the miraculously born calf has become a subject of curiosity in the village and surrounding areas. Now this calf is gaining a lot of headlines.

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The people of the village saw this for the first time, so everyone was stunned to hear this news. Most people are associating it with religious faith. Due to the calf having three eyes, it was also linked to religious beliefs due to which people offered money and worshiped it.

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However, this is not the first time that a rare calf has been seen like this. Even before this, cases of animals being born with three legs, three ears and two heads have come to light. But whenever such cases come up, people consider it a miracle of God.

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