Amritpal Singh distanced himself from his mother’s statement, said- dreaming of Khalsa Raj is not a crime

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Chandigarh. Radical Sikh preacher Amritpal Singh has distanced himself from his mother’s statement that her son is not a Khalistan supporter. In a statement issued on Saturday night by Khadoor Sahib MP Singh, it was said, “Yesterday when I came to know about Mata ji’s statement, I was very sad. Although I believe that Mata ji has made this statement inadvertently, yet such a statement should not be made by my family or any supporter.”

He said, “It is not a crime but a matter of pride to dream of Khalsa Raj. To fulfill this dream, lakhs of Sikhs sacrificed their lives and we cannot think of deviating from this path.” The statement issued with the title ‘Official statement of Bhai Amritpal Singh’ said, “I have said many times from the platforms that if I ever had to choose between ‘Panth’ and family, I would always choose ‘Panth’.” On Friday, when Singh took oath as a Lok Sabha member, his mother Balwinder Kaur told reporters in Amritsar that her son was not a Khalistani supporter. She had demanded that Singh be released immediately so that he could work on the issues on which he had contested the election. Later, Kaur had said in a video message that the media had distorted her statement.

Singh, the head of ‘Waris Punjab De’ who is in jail, also said in his statement, “It is like a historical incident in which the Sikhs who had accompanied Banda Singh Bahadur were being martyred, then the mother of a 14-year-old boy tried to save him by saying that he is not a Sikh. Then the boy said that if this woman says that I am not a Sikh, then I declare that she is not my mother.” The statement said, “I warn my family to never think of compromising on Sikh Raj, let alone speaking against it. Such a mistake should not be made while interacting with the Sangat.”

Singh’s mother had replied to a question on Friday, saying, “He is not a Khalistani supporter. Can someone become a Khalistani supporter by talking about the rights of Punjab and saving the youth of Punjab (from drug abuse).” Kaur had said, “He contested the election within the ambit of the Constitution and took oath. No one should say such a thing. He will raise the issues of Punjab and save the youth (from drug abuse).” Singh and Kashmiri leader Sheikh Abdul Rashid were granted parole to take oath as Lok Sabha members. They took oath on Friday. They took oath in the Lok Sabha Speaker’s chamber after all formalities were completed.

Singh is lodged in a jail in Dibrugarh district of Assam for an offence under the National Security Act. He was brought to Delhi from Assam on a four-day custody parole for the swearing-in ceremony. Singh, who recently contested the Lok Sabha elections as an independent candidate, defeated Congress candidate Kulbir Singh Zira from Punjab’s Khadoor Sahib seat by a margin of 1,97,120 votes.

Singh, who claimed to be a follower of slain Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, has been jailed along with nine of his associates under the National Security Act. Singh was arrested on February 23 last year for allegedly barging into a police station in Ajnala and brawling with policemen, brandishing swords and weapons, in an attempt to free one of his associates from custody.

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