Amritpal Singh will be able to meet his family, but will not be allowed to go out of Delhi

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Chandigarh./Amritsar. Jailed radical preacher Amritpal Singh is being brought to Delhi on parole to take oath as a Lok Sabha member. He will be allowed to meet his family but will not be allowed to travel outside the “jurisdiction” of New Delhi.

As per the conditions laid down in the parole order issued by the District Magistrate of Amritsar in Punjab, neither Singh nor his relatives or family members can make any statement to any form of media during his stay in the national capital. He was arrested from Amritsar on April 23 last year. Singh, a pro-Khalistan leader who won Punjab’s Khadoor Sahib Lok Sabha seat in the recent parliamentary elections while being in jail in Assam’s Dibrugarh district, is scheduled to take oath on Friday.

Sources said on Wednesday that 31-year-old Singh will be brought to Delhi from Assam for the swearing-in and his four-day parole period will begin from July 5. The parole order mentions 10 conditions, including that the period of temporary release will include the time taken to travel from Dibrugarh Central Jail to New Delhi and back. It said that he “will not enter any other judicial jurisdiction other than the New Delhi area during the period of temporary release”.

According to the order, “Amritpal Singh or any of his relatives will not be allowed to videograph any statement of Amritpal and/or disseminate any such statement in any electronic form.” It states that he will “refrain from doing any act or making any statement which is detrimental to national security.” The order states, “Amritpal’s relatives as defined under Section 2 (c) of the Punjab Detention (Status of Detention) Order, 1981 will be allowed to meet him during the period he remains in New Delhi.” Regarding the deployment of security personnel for Singh, the order states that he will be accompanied by such number of police personnel as deemed appropriate by the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Amritsar (Rural).

It said these personnel would accompany him from the date and time of his temporary release from jail till he returns to jail to continue his period of detention. The order said that during the period when Singh is present in the Parliament House premises, “he will be accompanied by such number of police personnel or other security personnel as may be permitted by the Secretary General of Lok Sabha”.

It said that during the period when Singh is not required to be in the Parliament complex, he will be kept at “such place in New Delhi as the SSP, Amritsar (Rural) may consider appropriate keeping in view various security reasons.” Officials in Amritsar said Amritpal, currently lodged in Dibrugarh jail in Assam along with nine associates under the National Security Act, has been granted four-day parole so that he can take oath as a Lok Sabha member.

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