Balodabazar incident: Government in action, 60 sent to jail, 200 detained, more than 500 are being searched

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Raipur. After removing the Collector and SP in the violence in Balodabazar, the government has started taking strict action against the miscreants. The miscreants and those who set the Collector and SP offices on fire are being caught one by one. On Wednesday, 60 people were sent to jail. They were identified on the basis of video footage. After interrogation and investigation, 200 people have been detained. Also, about 500 are being searched. Home Minister Vijay Sharma has said that this violence was done in a planned manner. A beautiful building was burnt, what was achieved by this. He said that the miscreants will be made to pay for the loss. Haribhoomi’s investigation has revealed that the revenue records were not burnt but the police records have been reduced to ashes. The history of the goons has been reduced to ashes. It also has a diary of 12 years. At the same time, the Congress investigation team will go to Balodabazar today for investigation.

It is noteworthy that during the demonstration, in the arson incident at the Collectorate, SP Building of Balodabazar district headquarters, most of the documents of the SP office were destroyed by fire. This includes 12-year-old diary, documents related to the crime history of criminals along with records of the police setup. According to the Balodabazar police, most of the parts of the SP office were gutted in the arson incident. The record room has suffered the most damage in the arson incident. The diary of seven police station areas along with four police outposts kept in the record room have been burnt up to 90 percent. According to the police, in the arson incident, all the records of criminals kept in the SP office have been reduced to ashes.

Investigation revealed… flames in these offices

According to Balodabazar police, in the incident of arson, the documents kept in the DSB, DRB branch, steno room and OM branch along with the reader room of the SP office were burnt to ashes. Along with this, the computers kept in the steno and reader rooms were burnt to ashes.

Most of the documents were damaged during the fire

According to the police, out of the documents that were burnt in the fire, the same number of documents were damaged by water while extinguishing the fire as were burnt by the fire. According to the police, the documents that were not burnt and were only wet with water are being sorted out. After sorting, the documents that were not damaged will be kept. Along with this, the hard disk of the burnt computer is also being checked.
Investigation is going on.

Documents can be recovered from here

It is worth noting that the FIRs registered in police stations or records prepared in any other way, a copy of which is kept in the police station is sent to the SP office and IG office. The documents and records which have been burnt or damaged due to fire and water will be recovered from the concerned police stations and the IG office will be contacted.

Forensic team returned after investigation

A team of forensic experts from Raipur reached Balodabazar on Tuesday to investigate the arson incident. The team of forensic experts is trying to find out what kind of inflammable substances along with petrol were used by the miscreants to set fire to the Collectorate and SP building. Along with this, the team of forensic experts is trying to find out the reason for the fire spreading in the building.

Collector-SP joined

Taking action late on Tuesday night, the government issued an order to remove the Collector and SP of Balodabazar. Deepak Soni was appointed as the Collector and Vijay Agarwal as the SP. Both of them joined the post on the second day of the order. They also started working.

Guru Rudra reached to surrender, said false allegations have been made against me

Guru of Satnami community and former minister Guru Rudra Kumar reached Raipur SP office on Wednesday and started demanding that he be arrested. Former minister Guru Rudra Kumar sat in the SP office. During this time SP was not present. After listening to his demand, he was told that the matter is of Balodabazar, you go there and surrender yourself. On this, former minister Guru Rudra Kumar said that he should be arrested here and taken to Balodabazar. Former minister Guru Rudra Kumar accused the government of doing politics and said that he had gone to protest peacefully against the damage to the religious pillar. Calling the incident of arson reprehensible, the former minister said that his community cannot carry out such an incident. If an apology is not given, the former minister has warned of filing a defamation suit against the ministers who made the allegations.

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