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Before Lok Sabha elections, hundreds of Congressmen joined BJP, MLA Bhavna Bohra got membership.

The Uncut, Kawardha. Pandaria MLA Bhavana Bohra participated in the program of Mela Mandai and Gratitude Rally in Gram Panchayat Sendurkhar, the last village of Pandaria block of Kabirdham district. During this time, impressed by the work of Pandaria MLA Bhavana Bohra, hundreds of Congressmen joined BJP before the Lok Sabha elections. At the same time, Bhavna Bohra made all the Congressmen enter the country's largest party BJP by wearing BJP's gamchha and congratulated them for doing better in all the Lok Sabha elections.

During this, Bhavna Bohra said that BJP is a party which works for the interest and rights of all people with the aim of Antyodaya. Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's efficient policies, welfare schemes, historical achievements and development works have given a new direction to India. Our India is establishing its own identity in the world. Seeing the same policies of BJP, the people of Chhattisgarh have formed a double engine government in the state by giving them a historic victory in the assembly elections. Today in the program here too, a large number of Congress workers, impressed by the customs and policies of BJP, took membership, whom I welcome into the BJP family.

Before Lok Sabha elections, hundreds of Congressmen joined BJP, MLA Bhavna Bohra got membership. 3

Bhavna Bohra said that the people of Chhattisgarh have resolved to give a massive victory to BJP on all 11 seats in the Lok Sabha this time. The people of the state are excited about the Prime Minister's schemes and the good governance of the state Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai. Today, the BJP government is doing double engine for women, youth, farmers, elders and every person and class with a vision, where schemes for the public interest along with all-round development of Chhattisgarh are being implemented smoothly. Working continuously to fulfill the promises made in Modi's guarantee, today the schemes of Mahtari Vandan Yojana, outstanding paddy bonus of farmers, purchasing paddy at Rs 3100 per quintal and giving Rs 5500 per standard bag to tendu leaf collectors should be implemented on the ground. Due to which a new confidence is visible among the public.

Today, with these efficient policies, welfare schemes and provisions made in the budget for the development of the state and its people, the BJP government will definitely be successful in making the developing Chhattisgarh a developed Chhattisgarh in the future. Today, influenced by these public-friendly decisions, achievements and the spirit of nation first, of the BJP government at the Center and the State, a large number of youth, area residents and Congress workers have joined the BJP.

During discussion with some leaders who joined BJP from Congress, they said that impressed by the public service work being done by Pandaria MLA Bhavana Bohra and the policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we have today accepted the membership of BJP in the presence of Bhavana Bohra ji. The way Bhavna Bohra ji is continuously working for the residents of the area, the common people are benefiting from her commendable efforts in health, education, women empowerment and other areas, is commendable. Due to his sensitivity towards the people and his readiness to solve their problems, today the development of the area and the basic facilities of the people are being ensured. His meaningful efforts and dedication towards his duties as a public representative are today playing an important role in the development of the entire Pandariya Assembly.

At the same time, due to the schemes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his work for the progress of the country, today our country is establishing a new identity which is a matter of pride for every citizen of the country. Impressed by these actions of the regional MLA and the Prime Minister, we have accepted the membership of BJP and in the coming times, we will work with commitment in the interest of the party.

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