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Big revelation in the famous double murder case of Jabalpur: In a special conversation with Lalluram, the doctor told that the accused had attacked his girlfriend's father 9 to 10 times, waiting for the viscera report.

Kumar Inder, Jabalpur. Jabalpur Double murder case update: Important revelations are being made one after the other in the double murder case in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. It has been revealed in the PM report that the accused Mukul had attacked the girlfriend's father more than a dozen times. Dr. Harish Lodhi, in a special conversation with, also told that according to the PM report, the accused had killed the deceased Rajkumar by giving 9 to 10 blows on his head. In a special conversation with Lalluram, it was also told that 4 to 5 blows were given on the head of the deceased's 8 year old son Tanishk.

The story of kidnapping of MP student in Kota turned out to be false: She conspired with a friend to extort money to go abroad, the girl was living in Indore in the name of studying in Kota.

It is being told that due to the attack with full force his head bone was also cracked. The accused had targeted only the heads of the father and son. In the PM report, no injury marks were found anywhere on the body except the head. The accused had hit him several times on the front and back of the head. It is suspected that he was attacked while sleeping. There was a difference of only a few minutes between the deaths of father and son. The viscera report of both is awaited from Sagar.

Jabalpur famous double murder case: There was a fear that the girl would run away, that is why the father used to sleep with the door locked, ran away after locking the same door from outside.

Let us tell you that even after 5 days, no clue has been found about the accused and the absconding daughter of the deceased. Along with double murder accused Mukul Singh, the minor daughter of a railway officer is also missing. Let us tell you that the railway worker and his 8 year old son were murdered in a painful manner. After the matter came to light, it was revealed that the daughter of the deceased along with her lover had murdered the father and brother.

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