Home Chhattisgarh Burning a sick girl with bars is not a cure, it is superstition – Dr. Dinesh Mishra

Burning a sick girl with bars is not a cure, it is superstition – Dr. Dinesh Mishra

Burning a sick girl with bars is not a cure, it is superstition – Dr. Dinesh Mishra

Jashpur, In Pathalgaon of the district, due to superstition, a case of treatment of an 18-day-old innocent girl by burning her body with hot rods came to light recently. In which the girl was seriously injured. The family members of the girl resorted to superstition fearing that the minor spot on the veins in the girl's body could be a fatal disease. On this, Dr. Dinesh Mishra, Chairman of the Superstition Removal Committee, said that this is a superstition and action should be taken against such Baigas.

Dr. Dinesh Mishra told that an incident of branding of an 18-day-old girl with a Baiga came to light in Madapar of Pathalgaon, Jashpur, due to which the girl was seriously injured. Even before this, for the past few days, cases of burning children with hot rods when they fell ill have come to light in rural areas of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Some of these children have even died tragically. Before this, some incidents of branding of new born babies with hot rods due to jaundice due to jaundice were also reported from Mahasamund and Devbhog, in which those babies also died tragically.

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Dr. Dinesh Mishra said that incidents of branding of newborn babies come to light frequently. There are often reports of rural babies being branded to diagnose problems like not drinking milk, excessive crying, fever, diarrhoea, jaundice etc. Due to which the health of the child worsens and sometimes he even dies if proper medical help is not available on time. Some time ago, there was news from rural and remote tribal areas that Baigas had burnt more than a hundred children with hot bangles for the treatment of pneumonia and jaundice. In which many children died due to wounds and increasing infection. There are many cases of branding with iron sickles. Whereas all this is unscientific and not appropriate.

Dr. Dinesh Mishra said that some newborn babies face some problems in the initial days. Cold, cough, fever, pneumonia, waking up at night, frequent crying, gas, indigestion, stomach ache, jaundice, fever, vomiting etc. But for all these, the innocent baby should be properly examined and treated by a trained doctor. Diseases have different causes which can be treated through investigation and testing. How can a sick person be cured of his illness by self-treatment, exorcism, rubbing, burning with hot incense sticks, wearing amulets, removing the evil eye, etc.? Rather, the child may become more ill and his condition may worsen. Villagers should not fall into any superstition like this but should seek advice from a qualified person around them.