Camps will be organized in villages to resolve cases like death, transfer and partition

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Raipur. Due to the good governance of Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai, farmers and landowners will no longer have to wander from door to door. As per the wishes of the Chief Minister, Revenue Minister Tankaram Verma had given instructions to organize Revenue Fortnight from 6th to 20th July for quick resolution of revenue cases. To inform the villagers about the camps to be organized during the fortnight, he has also given instructions to make announcements through Kotwars in every Gram Panchayat.

Applications received in the camps organized during the Revenue Fortnight such as: Death, Mutation and Partition, Record Error Correction cases have been asked to be resolved by uploading them online on the spot and by making a report by the Halka Patwari, Panchnama entry and issuing notice advertisement on the spot and serving it to the parties. Applications received for B-1, Khasra and Kisan Kitab will be resolved at the camp site itself. Similarly, instructions have been given to enter all the applications related to income, caste, residence certificate online through the Public Service Center at the camp site itself and to resolve them 100% within the time limit. Instructions have been given to provide information about the applications received in the camp and the action taken on them to the office in the prescribed form every day.

Timely action under Public Service Guarantee Act

According to the information received from Secretary Revenue and Disaster Management Department Avinash Champawat, under the Revenue Fortnight, action will be taken within the time limit for the delivery of public services under the Public Service Guarantee Act related to the Revenue Court. Similarly, instructions have been given to resolve 100% of the cases of undisputed transfer and account division, demarcation, diversion, tree felling outside the time limit and cases with zero order letter in all revenue courts by July 15. Along with this, demarcation cases of urban areas are also to be fully resolved. 100% resolution should be ensured by July 31, 2024 by receiving applications for disputed name transfer, disputed account division and record error under Section 115 and fixing responsibility for it. Disciplinary action will be taken against the revenue staff who do not resolve it.

Applications received under RBC 6-4 will be resolved promptly

The Revenue Department Secretary said that similarly, all such cases registered in all revenue courts whose hearing date is not updated, should be updated 100% of the time. Ensure prompt disposal of applications received under RBC 6-4 related to loss of life, animal loss, crop damage. Revenue officers should inspect the subordinate table and provide the inspection report to the Collector by July 15. Ensure timely disposal of land acquisition related cases during Revenue Fortnight and update the information of service charges taken in land acquisition cases.

Instructions to take appropriate action on Kotwari and Sevabhoomi

Under the land record related works in the Revenue Fortnight, preliminary publication of Map-02 received from the Indian Survey Department under the ownership scheme is to be done by 31 July 2024. Similarly, instructions have been given to take appropriate action against the Kotwari and Sevabhoomi sold by the Kotwars by 31 July 2024. Ensure that 100% information of the Annual Agricultural Statistics Table and Season and Crop Report (Commodity Wise) of the year 2023-24 is made available by 15 July 2024. Under record accuracy, ensure that the remaining Khasra for compilation, doubtful Khasra for deletion, Khasra with zero area, Khasra without landowner, Khasra with special character in the details of the landowner, name of joint account holder not recorded separately but recorded together, erroneous Khasra, remaining Khasra for determination of landowner number is resolved 100% by 31 July 2024. Under map partition, it is mandatory to make 05 percent progress in each tehsil in the month of July and it should be ensured that the entry of Aadhar, mobile number, Kisan Kitab and gender in the accounts of the landowner is done 100 percent by July 31, 2024.

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