Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai made a diya from clay like a potter…

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Jashpur: Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai along with his wife attended the programme organised on the occasion of state level school admission festival held in village Bagiya of Jashpur district today. Here he also visited the exhibition organised on the occasion of entrance festival. Meanwhile, on seeing the wheel kept on the stall, he could not stop himself and made a diya from clay like a potter.

There is a program of school entrance celebration and there is a potter’s wheel in front of the Chief Minister and a lot of children around him. The Chief Minister is working on the vision of a developed Chhattisgarh 2047. Developed Chhattisgarh also has to be given shape in accordance with his vision, just like a diya is being prepared from the wheel. The amount of hard work and efforts being made in Chhattisgarh for the education of children is definitely laying a solid foundation for a golden future. Just like a potter gives shape to clay on the wheel, in the same way the Chhattisgarh of people’s dreams will also be shaped.

The magic of the charming smile of children…. Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai, who was pleased with the charming smile of the children, while caressing them, the children had made beautiful things with their imagination and skill. The Chief Minister took them in his hands and praised the children and said, how did you people make such beautiful things.

The children of Jashpur are also connected with Digital India. Their hands are on the mouse of the computer and laptop. They showed their amazing skills to the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister encouraged them. His wife Mrs. Kaushalya Devi Say was also present on this occasion.

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