Child became disabled due to doctor’s mistake: Appeal for justice made to CM, orders for investigation

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Raipur. In Tilda-Nevara of Chhattisgarh, a child fell while playing, due to which the child’s hand got fractured. The family immediately took the child to the local quack doctor. Where the doctor applied plaster on the child’s hand in the wrong way. Due to which the child’s hand has stopped working. After which the family members lodged a complaint in the police station. But there was no benefit. They were forced to knock on the door of CM Sayyed and appealed.

Actually, Anuj Banjare, a resident of village Tulsi in Tilda Nevra area, reached the Chief Minister’s Jandarshan program with his wife Purnima and son Deepesh Banjare. He told CM Shri Sai that he works as a porter in the vegetable market of Tilda. On 24 August 2023, his son’s left hand got fractured while playing. After which he went to the local doctor’s clinic and got him treated. Where the doctor did the plaster for Rs 1700. When he did not get relief, he took his son to another hospital. Where it was found that the plaster was done incorrectly, due to which there was pus and swelling in the hand. From there he was referred to Raipur Mekahara. When he went to AIIMS Raipur for the treatment of his son, the doctors there told that the child’s hand will never be cured and now his left hand has stopped working.

a child with a disability
a child with a disability

CM Sai gave instructions to the officials to investigate

After returning from AIIMS, we went to the same doctor for treatment, he asked us to undergo physiotherapy for 3 months. We underwent physiotherapy but still there was no improvement in the hand and now he has refused to treat us. I have filed an FIR against the doctor. But we have not yet got justice. After the complaint, CM Vishnu Dev Sai has directed the concerned officials to investigate and take immediate action.

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