Children have immense power to acquire education, fulfill the dreams of parents with dedication and honesty: Minister Kedar Kashyap

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Raipur. Forest and Climate Change Minister Kedar Kashyap today attended the district level school admission festival organised at Pandit Girija Shankar Mishra Higher Secondary School in Raipura. He admitted the children to school by applying tilak and feeding them sweets. On this occasion, he also distributed school uniforms and study material to the children. He provided cycles to the girl students under the Saraswati Cycle Yojana. During this, Minister Kashyap also visited the innovative model exhibition put up by the students.

Minister Kashyap, while addressing the Shala Pravesh Utsav program, said that children have immense potential. Children of government schools are bringing better results even after difficult circumstances. This is a matter of happiness for all of us. He said that children should follow the ideals of teachers with dedication and honesty and acquire education and make their parents’ dreams come true, children need not be disappointed. Keeping time in mind, play when playing and study when studying. Along with the poor and farmers, education, health and security are the priorities of our government. There will be no problem in the education of today’s children who are the makers of the future. The government is ready to build the future of children. Our government has established big institutions like IIT, IIM in the state. There is no need to go out even for higher education. On this occasion, the guests planted a sapling in the school premises under the “Maa ke naam ek ped” campaign.

MLA Moti Lal Sahu said that there is no dearth of talent among the children of government schools. Today, better exam results are coming in government schools than in private schools. There is a huge rush for admission in government schools, from this the importance and quality of government schools can be gauged. He said that better results even in less facilities and challenging circumstances are commendable. Children should also study with dedication and honesty.

MLA Anuj Sharma said that he has come to welcome these small children to a new stage of life. Hearty congratulations and welcome to them. He said that those who study in government institutions are more cultured. All the people present on the stage today, including ministers, MLAs, collectors, are present among you after studying in government schools. You people also do not need to underestimate yourself by looking at the students of private schools. You people have immense power and enthusiasm, you can achieve the desired results with your hard work and dedication.

MLA Guru Khuswant Saheb while addressing the district level school admission festival program said that often after seeing the comforts and lifestyle of others, there is a desire in the mind to become like them. Education is such a medium through which we can get every comfort. He said that just as we follow discipline in school, we can also move forward with discipline in life and achieve our goals. He said that teachers have an important role in building the future of children. Teachers should also take the school children forward with responsibility like their own children.

On this occasion, Collector Gaurav Kumar Singh, Senior Superintendent of Police Santosh Singh, District Panchayat Chief Executive Officer Vishwadeep Singh, Municipal Corporation Commissioner Avinash Mishra, District Education Officer Khandelwal, Ward Councilor Virendra Devangan along with teachers and a large number of students were present.

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