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CM Sai filled the enthusiasm among the workers, said – even an ordinary worker can become Prime Minister in BJP

CM Sai filled the enthusiasm among the workers, said – even an ordinary worker can become Prime Minister in BJP

Dantewada/Raipur. Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai attended the workers conference organized in Dantewada. Addressing the workers, he said that India's successful Prime Minister Narendra Modi is famous all over the world today. The whole world is considering him as their leader today. In India, the world's largest democracy, we also have the privilege of being workers of the world's largest political party. Today, the way the country has developed all around under the leadership of Modiji, the way Modi has fulfilled all the dreams of the Bharatiya Janata Party workers, has fulfilled every resolution taken by the party's wise people, it is a matter of pride in itself. Emotion fills us.

Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai said that the party has completed all those tasks including construction of a grand and divine temple at Shri Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya, supernatural life consecration of Ram Lalla, abolition of 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, slogans for which we all are raising slogans today. Have reached here. We have hundreds of reasons to be proud as BJP workers today.

Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai said that only on the guarantee of Modi ji, you all have formed the Bharatiya Janata Party government in Chhattisgarh with a historic majority and with historic seats. It is a matter of satisfaction for all of us that we have fulfilled almost all the major guarantees in just three months of tenure. He said that during the assembly elections, our illustrious Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given guarantees for the prosperity and prosperity of Chhattisgarh, you people had trusted his guarantees. You have also seen that we have fulfilled most of those guarantees within just three months, that is why we call Modi's guarantee i.e. guarantee of fulfillment of guarantees.

Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai said that Modi ji had guaranteed the mothers and sisters that if our government is formed, they will be given financial assistance of Rs 1000 every month. Fulfilling this guarantee, Mahtari Vandan Yojana has been started in the state. The first installment amounting to Rs 655 crore has been transferred to the bank accounts of more than 70 lakh mothers and sisters.

Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai said that Modi ji had guaranteed to give two years' outstanding paddy bonus to the farmers. On Good Governance Day, outstanding paddy bonus of Rs 3716 crore was distributed to more than 12 lakh farmers of the state. As per the guarantee, this year we purchased paddy at the rate of Rs 3100 per quintal and 21 quintals per acre. This year, a record purchase of 145 lakh tonnes of paddy has been made in the state. He said that the support price for paddy purchase amounting to Rs 32 thousand crore was immediately paid to the farmer brothers. After this, the difference amount of Rs 13 thousand 320 crore was also paid under Krishak Unnati Yojana. 24 lakh 75 thousand farmers of the state have benefited from this. A total of about Rs 45 thousand crore has gone into the accounts of farmers.

Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai said that the Prime Minister had guaranteed that our government will increase the tendu leaf collection remuneration rate from Rs 4000 per standard bag to Rs 5,500 per standard bag. This has also been announced in Kondagaon. The increase in tendu leaf collection rate will directly benefit 12 lakh 50 thousand collector families. The increase in collection rate is likely to generate additional income of Rs 240 crore to the collector brothers and sisters.

Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai said that the main focus of our government is on Bastar and Surguja divisions. Both these divisions are tribal dominated divisions. We had separately brought out a manifesto of Modiji's guarantee for these two divisions. Despite immense potential in both these divisions, development could not take place. Despite being rich in forests, fertile land, rivers and mineral wealth, the lives of the residents of these divisions could not improve. The people of Bastar had wholeheartedly supported and blessed the Bharatiya Janata Party in the assembly elections. It is with your blessings that today the BJP government has been formed again in the state, and the path to development of Bastar has opened again.

Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai said that under the Niyad Nellanar Scheme, Anganwadi community hall, sub health center and primary school will be constructed in the villages. Farmers will be given irrigation pumps along with borewells for irrigation. Hand pumps and solar pumps will be installed in villages. A playground will be built in every village.

Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai said that Atal ji created Chhattisgarh state only because of tribal majority. Atal ji created a separate ministry for the development of tribals. Modiji's government has paid maximum attention to the tribals. After that there were continuous developments in the area. Whether we talk about PDS or connecting inaccessible areas with roads, providing electricity, education, health etc. to the last reaches of the society, the BJP government has taken development to the last ends. Made arrangements for salt, charan paduka etc. The education hub of Dantewada was famous across the country. On the contrary, Congress continuously worked to exploit the tribal areas including Bastar for more than sixty years. Even in the previous governments, Congress was continuously against the tribals.

Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai said that Modiji started the world's largest Ayushman scheme from Jangla village of Bijapur. Such tribal groups which were deprived of the recognition of Scheduled Tribe merely due to typing mistake, were recognized as Scheduled Tribe by Modiji. Modiji made our tribal sister Draupadi Murmu the President. Today I am among you as the Chief Minister. An ordinary worker can even become Prime Minister in BJP.

Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai said that today there is a double engine government in Chhattisgarh. With your blessings, Modi ji will again become the Prime Minister of the country and in future also there will be a double engine government. The more you people vote, the more power both the engines will get. We are the people of Bharatiya Janata Party, everyone's support, everyone's development, everyone's trust and everyone's effort is our policy.

I request all of you to make the Bharatiya Janata Party candidate victorious in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections with maximum votes. Let us all put in all our efforts to ensure victory for our candidate. Certainly, there is immense enthusiasm and support among the public towards Modiji's work. But we should not be overconfident. We have to convey our message to the public carefully and with dedication and also ensure the contribution of our Bastar seat in that yagya in BJP's call for more than 370 seats.

Double engine government will develop Bastar: Kiran Dev

BJP State President Kiran Singhdev said that BJP's double engine government will develop Bastar. The people of Congress have only worked to exploit the people of Bastar. BJP's state and central governments will work together to bring improvement in the lives of the people of Bastar. All the people in the entire country are determined to bring Prime Minister Modi with a huge majority, Bastar will also play its role in it.

Congress is not getting candidates in many Lok Sabha constituencies including Bastar – Kedar Kashyap

Forest Minister Kedar Kashyap said that Congress party leaders are not getting candidates in many Lok Sabha constituencies including Bastar today. Congress party is a sinking boat on which no one wants to board and everyone is running away from this boat. Because people do not want to end their existence by drowning in a sinking ship. Bharatiya Janata Party has declared its candidate. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had come to Chhattisgarh for a padyatra, whether he had come to travel for the post or to travel for the post. The people of Chhattisgarh know this very well. He said that if the Congress Party does not have a Lok Sabha candidate then Priyanka Vadra, Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi should contest the Lok Sabha elections from Chhattisgarh. The people of Chhattisgarh have also decided under Swachh Bharat that we will clean all the garbage from our Chhattisgarh and will do the cleaning in a very good manner.

Development of Bastar is BJP's priority: OP Chaudhary

Finance Minister of Chhattisgarh, Shri OP Choudhary said that the development of Bastar has been the priority of BJP. BJP has always worked to bring new development schemes in Bastar. In future too, BJP will do big things in the fields of education, health and employment for the people of Bastar. BJP will always take the blessings of the people of Bastar, this time also Bastar has decided to vote for Modi ji. During this, candidate Mahesh Kashyap, District President and MLA Chaitram Atami, Ojasvi Mandavi, BJP officials, workers and common people were present.

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