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CM Sai shouted in Bastar, said – Schemes closed in Congress government started again in BJP government, Congress is not getting candidates.

Jagdalpur. In the last 3 months, we have done a lot for the welfare of the state and will do so in the future also, there is still a lot left in Modi ji's kitty for the development of the state. In view of the Lok Sabha elections, Chief Minister of the state Vishnudev Sai said these things while addressing a huge public meeting in Badedharaur village of Chitrakote assembly seat on the second day of his stay in Bastar Lok Sabha and made a sharp attack on the previous Congress government.

Congratulating everyone on the completion of 100 days of government in Chhattisgarh, CM Sai said, you have improved the engine of Chhattisgarh, now the engine of Delhi also has to be kept in good condition. The Prime Minister has worked keeping all sections of people in mind. The Congress government banned the housing scheme, stopped the Ujjwal scheme, they were punished for this. When you made us sit, all the planning started.

CM Sai said, there was a promise of giving bonus in the manifesto of Congress, but it was not given. We came into government, celebrated Good Governance Day and gave bonuses to everyone, and gave support prices for paddy as promised. All the mothers got the money from Mahtari Vandan Yojana. We have requested the Finance Minister to deposit money in the accounts of all mothers at the beginning of the month. Charan Paduka will also be distributed for tendu leaves. All these schemes were stopped by Congress.

CM Sai shouted in Bastar, said - Schemes closed in Congress government started again in BJP government, Congress is not getting candidates. 3

The pace of development will accelerate further

Vishnudev Sai also sought public support for the double engine government in the Lok Sabha elections. Attacking the Congress party, Sai described it as anti-tribal and anti-development. He said that the Congress party only used the tribals as a vote bank and did nothing for their development. The money sent to Bastar division for the schemes made by BJP and Modi government for the benefit of tribals, was stopped by the Congress government and Bastar residents were deprived of the benefits of public welfare schemes of Modi government, but my brothers of Bastar. -Sisters no longer need to worry. Now there is a double engine government in the country and state, there will be no shortage in the development of Bastar.

Sai said, your faith in Bharatiya Janata Party has been solidified. The work that has been done in the last 3 months will be done in the coming time also. The promise of giving Rs 500 cylinder is still pending. Bastar MP Deepak Baij was defeated by the Mandal President. Congress is not getting candidates for Lok Sabha, there is a hole in their boat. It can sink any time, no one wants to be a candidate. If you vote for Mahesh Kashyap with a huge majority, the pace of development will be faster.

26 Congressmen join BJP

During this period, before the Lok Sabha elections, 26 people left Congress and joined BJP. Entered BJP after getting influenced by its customs and policies. Even before this, the state spokesperson of Congress and the women district president have also joined BJP. All the Congressmen were from the area of ​​Congress state president and Bastar MP Deepak Baij.

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