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CM Vishnudev Sai's childhood friend Padmashree Jageshwar Yadav became the state president of Yaduvanshi Mahasangh, the Chief Minister and his wife congratulated.

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Raipur, CM Vishnudev Sai's childhood friend Padmashree Jageshwar Yadav has been made the new state president of Yaduvanshi Mahasangh. As soon as Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai got the news of appointment as State President, the Chief Minister congratulated and congratulated Jageshwar Yadav through telephone. During this, CM Sai's wife Kaushilya Sai also congratulated. On being appointed state president of Yadav Yaduvanshi Mahasangh, Jageshwar Yadav said that he will devote his entire life to social service. The process of congratulating Padmashree Jageshwar Yadav on becoming the state president is continuing.

CM Vishnudev Sai's childhood friend Padmashree Jageshwar Yadav became the state president of Yaduvanshi Mahasangh, the Chief Minister and his wife congratulated. 6

National President of the International Yaduvanshi Federation, Jaisingh Yadav is appointing state presidents in all the states to take the Yaduvanshis forward and ensure that every Yadav brother gets benefited from all the schemes of the government. In the same series, Padmashree Jageshwar Yadav dedicated his entire life selflessly in social service to advance the Yadav community in Chhattisgarh. Seeing this, National President Jaisingh Yadav appointed him Chhattisgarh State President.

On being appointed state president, Jageshwar Yadav has expressed gratitude to all the national officials including National President Jaisingh Yadav and Chhattisgarh in-charge National Secretary Ajit Yadav. He also said that National President Jaisingh Yadav has given me such a big responsibility, I will maintain the dignity of my post and will provide the benefits of state government schemes by providing all possible support and guidance to our Yadav brothers living till the far end of Chhattisgarh. Whatever problems our Yadav brothers are facing, I will be engaged in social service 24 hours to solve all the problems. He further said that I have spent my entire life in social service. That's why I am getting respect from people everywhere. Whatever I have been honored with Padmashree today has been achieved by the blessings of Lord Shri Radha Krishna and with the support and love of all of you. He said that very soon I will appoint our state body and district presidents.

Know the story of Padmashree Jageshwar Yadav

It has been announced that Jageshwar Yadav will be honored with Padmashree on the evening of 25 January 2024. Jageshwar Yadav was born in Bhitghara of Jashpur district. Since childhood, he had seen the plight of Birhor tribals. According to the information, Birhor tribals living in dense forests were deprived of education, health and employment. Jageshwar decided to change his life. For this, first of all he started living among the tribals. Learned their language and culture. After this, he awakened the spirit of education and encouraged them to send them to schools.

Jageshwar Yadav is popularly known as 'Brother of Birhor'. Recently, when Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai had called him, he had gone barefoot to meet him. Jageshwar has received the Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh Award in 2015. Jageshwar Yadav has been working for the Birhor tribe since 1989. For this he has established an ashram in Jashpur. Along with this, we have worked hard to eliminate illiteracy by organizing camps and to make health care available to the people. The result of his efforts was that vaccination facilities could be provided during Corona. Apart from this, it also helped in reducing the infant mortality rate. All this was not easy due to financial difficulties. But his passion was helpful in bringing social change.

Jageshwar Yadav had told about Birhor tribe that earlier the children of Birhor tribe did not resemble the people. They would run away as soon as they saw outsiders. Not only this, they used to hide even after seeing shoe marks. In such a situation, going to school for studies was a very distant thing. But now times have changed. Due to the efforts of Jageshwar Yadav, now children of Birhor tribe are also getting educated.

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