Common people joined hands with police to install CCTV cameras in Rajnandgaon

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Rajnandgaon. In a bid to better enforce traffic rules and enhance public safety in Chhattisgarh’s Rajnandgaon city, local residents have joined hands with district administration officials to install state-of-the-art CCTV cameras and set up a modern integrated control room, officials said.

Officials said that for this, the Rajnandgaon district administration and police have started a project called ‘Trinetra’, the entire cost of which is being borne by the local residents. Rajnandgaon District Superintendent of Police Mohit Garg said that this is the first smart city ‘ITMS’ (traffic management system) and monitoring project of its kind, which is being fully funded by the public.

Garg said that under this, 385 new cameras including 25 cameras with automatic number plate recognition (NPPR), 300 cameras rotating in all directions (varifocal) and 50 cameras with focus up to 80/50′ meters will be installed at the city’s entry points and intersections. Apart from this, 152 cameras installed earlier with public cooperation and government funds will also be maintained. The officer said that the population of Rajnandgaon city is about 1.50 lakh. Apart from repairing the three existing traffic signals in the city, seven new traffic signals have been installed.

He said that ‘ANPR’ and ‘varifocal’ cameras will be installed on these traffic signals for the convenience of e-challan. Garg said that a modern integrated control room is also being set up in the Superintendent of Police office Rajnandgaon, which will have a server equipped with artificial intelligence features like identifying suspicious activity, identifying suspicious person etc. He said that the control room will also be integrated with the district control room and ‘112’ (emergency service number) control room for quick emergency response.

He said that the server of the new CCTV control room will have the capacity to connect one thousand cameras. The Superintendent of Police said that the footage of the cameras installed under the project will be shown to the general public only after an FIR is registered in a criminal case or permission is obtained from the concerned police station. He said that the cost of the project will be around Rs 1.25 crore.

Garg said that he has prepared a plan to implement this project in collaboration with Rajnandgaon District Magistrate Sanjay Agarwal, which is likely to be completed in September this year. District Magistrate Sanjay Agarwal said that this will help the police in investigating crime and catching criminals. In the next phase, this project will also be implemented in other blocks of the district. He said that people are also being encouraged to install cameras outside their homes and commercial establishments.

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