Congress and IUML flags seen in Rahul Gandhi’s road show in Wayanad

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Malappuram. During Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow in Wayanad in April, flags of Congress and its ally IUML were not seen, but during his roadshow in Edavanna here on Wednesday, flags of both the parties were seen. Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow while filing his nomination in Wayanad on April 3 was different from the roadshow of 2019, when the number of green flags of ally Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) in the crowd was more than the flags of Congress.

Rahul Gandhi held a sudden road show in Edavanna on Wednesday and during this, along with the green flags of IUML, flags of Congress and its student wing KSU were also seen in large numbers. A large number of party workers and supporters and common people were present to welcome Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi has come on his first visit to the state after winning the Wayanad Lok Sabha seat for the second consecutive time.

In April this year, a Congress source said that during the 2019 election campaign, senior BJP leader Amit Shah had criticised Rahul Gandhi for contesting from Kerala and said that during a procession in Rahul Gandhi’s constituency it was difficult to make out whether it was India or Pakistan. Shah made this remark in reference to the IUML flag during the Congress leader’s roadshow.

In Kerala, the BJP and the ruling CPI(M) had targeted the Congress over the absence of flags in the April roadshow. The CPI(M) had alleged that flags were not used because the Congress was afraid of the BJP. The BJP claimed that Rahul Gandhi was ashamed of the IUML. The Congress, however, hit back, saying that the CPI(M) and the BJP had become close friends and it did not need to take lessons from anyone to run an election campaign.

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