Delhi Police’s post after India-Pakistan T20 World Cup match tickled everyone

The Uncut

New Delhi. After the victory of the Indian cricket team in the interesting match between India and Pakistan in the T-20 World Cup in New York, Delhi Police posted a post on the social media platform X, which tickled the internet users a lot.
Delhi Police tagged the New York Police Department (NYPD) and posted, “Hey NYPD, we heard two loud voices. One is ‘India….India’, and the other is probably a television breaking. Can you confirm?” The post was immediately posted repeatedly on social media and received a lot of praise. It was reposted by more than seven thousand people while more than nine lakh people viewed it, more than 43 thousand people liked it and more than a thousand people commented on the post.

An ex-user replied, “Delhi Police, you should ask the same question to Pakistan Army as well. Cries of India-India were heard from the other side as well and many TV sets were found broken.” Another user posted with a laughing symbol, “A matter of serious concern, Delhi Police should investigate this.” There has always been a tough competition between the Indian and Pakistani cricket teams and the spectators do not like to miss even a moment of any match between these two. Yesterday’s match was also no exception to this.

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