Demonstration at the Excise Office: No salary for two and a half months, security guards of liquor shops opened a front against the company

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Raipur. Security guards working in government liquor shops of Raipur district have opened a front against SIS company. The company has not paid salary to the security guards for the last two and a half months. Frustrated by this, hundreds of security guards gheraoed the Excise Office located in Civil Lines on Wednesday and protested here. As soon as the news of the protest of the security guards was received, there was a stir in the Excise Department. Departmental officials took cognizance of this matter and immediately called the people of the company to the office and gave an ultimatum to pay the salary to the security guards within 3 days. Departmental officials say that even after this, if the company does not pay the salary on time, then action will be taken against it.

The department has given the contract to SIS Security Company for the appointment of guards in government liquor shops in Raipur district. This contract has been given to the company in April 2024. Earlier this contract was given to another security company. About two and a half hundred security guards work in different shifts across the district within this company. It has been about two and a half months since SIS Company got the contract, but barely 25 to 30 of the security guards on duty have been paid salary, the remaining security guards have not been paid salary yet. Troubled by this, the security guards opened a front against 1 company and surrounded the excise office.

If salary is not paid in 3 days then action will be taken

Excise Raipur Deputy Commissioner Vikas Goswami said that the security guards have not received their salary for two months. SIS company says that the accounts are not updated, due to which the money is not being transferred. After the talks, the company has been given a 3-day ultimatum. If the salary is not paid even after this, we will issue a notice and take action.

The company is making excuses for not updating the accounts – Security Guard

The security guards, who had started a protest against the company and had surrounded the Excise office, told Hari Bhoomi in a conversation that their salary is directly credited to their accounts. All the security guards are old, who have been working as guards in liquor shops for the last several years. The accounts of all the security guards are updated, but the new company is not paying their salaries on the pretext of the accounts not being updated. They told that after not getting their salaries for a month, the company people had said that their pending salaries would be credited to their accounts within a week, but two and a half months have gone by and the salary money has not yet reached their accounts.

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