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District hospital is becoming a big center for joint replacement: People from other districts are also reaching Mungeli to take advantage of this service, this facility is available after spending a lot in big hospitals.

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Rohit Kashyap, Mungeli. Due to the kind of lifestyle nowadays, many diseases are increasing rapidly. In a study published in The Lancet Rheumatology General, scientists have expressed concern that by 2050, more than 100 crore people may be affected by osteoarthritis. This problem develops when the protective cartilage that supports the ends of the bones begins to deteriorate.

With time, the cartilage (fibrous tissue) of the joints starts deteriorating and its effect is mostly seen in the knees and hips and there is severe pain. In such a situation, the best solution to get rid of joint pain is Joint Replacement Surgery, which is becoming very popular these days.

Dr. Shreyansh Parakh (Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Specialist) told that joint replacement is a surgical procedure, in which the damaged part of the joint linings is connected to the artificial part, which is called a prosthesis. It is made of metal, plastic and ceramic materials. The main objective of joint replacement surgery is to relieve pain and prepare the joints for normal function.

Dr. Parakh told that not only Mungeli but also many people from other districts like Janjgir-Champa are coming to Mungeli to avail the service for joint replacement in District Hospital Mungeli. This is a complex and expensive surgery, which was mostly done in big hospitals of big cities, but now due to the presence of expert team of transplant in the district hospital, dozens of patients are getting the benefit of this surgery continuously and free of cost.

Parakh said, considering the way progress is being made in surgical technology, this procedure is very safe and is done quickly. In this, recovery after surgery is very quick and improvement in pain is also seen. In this, most of the patients are asked to stand and walk from the first day of surgery. Expert nursing care and physiotherapy helps patients resume regular activities like going to toilet from the second day after the operation. Due to continuous practice, the patient does not stay in the hospital for long, due to which the patient remains happy and satisfied.

He said that if someone gets arthritis then the disease can be prevented from progressing by making changes in lifestyle. For this, he should avoid doing sit-ups, sitting cross-legged, climbing stairs and using Indian toilet seat etc. Apart from this, if you take expert advice at the initial stage, then the chances of the disease developing will be reduced and the right decision regarding treatment can be taken.

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