Do not ignore the symptoms of male hormones in the body, get relief through these methods

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Hormones have a special importance in our body. It is these hormones that send messages through blood to organs and muscles to work in coordination with each other. Both androgen and progesterone hormones are produced in the body of women. Out of these, estrogen hormone is called the male hormone. If the production of this hormone increases in the body of women, then the problem of PCOS starts occurring. At the same time, these abnormal symptoms start appearing in the body.

These symptoms are seen in the body due to increase in male hormones

body hair growth

Due to the increase in androgen hormone in the body, hair starts growing on the chin, jawline, upper lips. Along with this, hair starts growing on the stomach, chest and hands as well. Which is a sign of increase in male hormones in the body.

If you have noticed that there is a strong smell of sweat coming from your body these days, then this is a sign of increased male hormones.

If acne is appearing on the jawline and chin area, which are also called adult acne, then it is a sign of imbalance of androgen hormone.

If you have very light and short periods. The number of periods is only 10 in a year. So it means that the production of androgen is increasing in the body.

How to fix hormonal imbalance

If there is hormonal imbalance in the body, then stay away from dairy products and gluten-containing foods. These foods disturb the production of hormones in the body.

If excessive hair is growing on your face, then start your day with spearmint tea.

Drink nettle tea.

Increase the amount of protein in every meal. This is good for gut health. Keep in mind that do not use chicken for protein.

Eat pumpkin seeds to overcome magnesium deficiency.

Along with this, do dry brushing of the skin before bathing and oiling after bathing.

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