Do not ignore these body symptoms at all, they indicate lack of essential nutrition

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Our body needs many types of nutrition. If even one of them is lacking, the body reacts immediately. But sometimes we make mistakes or delay in understanding these reactions of the body. Due to which the lack of essential nutrition starts causing illness. If you yawn frequently or feel more cold. Then instead of ignoring these symptoms of the body, know the reasons behind these problems.

Frequent yawning

Yawning due to lack of sleep is very common. If someone has not had enough sleep or is very tired, then yawning is a natural process. But if you are yawning frequently and always due to fatigue and weakness, then this indicates iron deficiency in the body.

Pain in the muscles of arms and legs

If there is pain in the muscles of hands and legs all the time. The body starts aching after doing even a little work, then this indicates magnesium deficiency. Due to magnesium deficiency, chronic pain often occurs in the body. Cramps are felt in the muscles.

Tingling in hands and feet

If you feel ant bites or tingling sensation in your hands and feet, then these symptoms indicate a deficiency of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 deficiency makes the body weak. Due to which mental health is also affected and a person starts having problems like depression.

pain in bones

If you have back pain all the time or pain in your legs, then the reason for this is the lack of vitamin D in the body. Not only bone pain, but vitamin D deficiency also causes frequent illness, excessive anxiety, depression and injury wounds not healing quickly.

feeling too cold

If you feel more cold than normal people. If the body temperature remains low, then this is a sign of hypothyroidism caused by iodine deficiency. Sometimes anemia, diabetes and vitamin B12 deficiency also cause feeling cold. However, these symptoms alone do not reveal the correct nutritional deficiency. For this, a complete examination is necessary. So that the correct nutrients can be provided.

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