Due to this special reason, you should not eat Kadhi in Sawan, know the religious and scientific reasons

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Reason why Kadhi is not eaten in Sawan month: The month of Sawan dedicated to Bhole Baba is going to start soon. Let us tell you, this year the holy month of Sawan will start from 22 July and end on 19 August. Some special Ayurvedic, scientific and religious rules related to eating and drinking have also been told in the month of Sawan. Not following them can harm a person’s health. According to these rules, eating many things is prohibited in this month. One of which is advised not to eat curd and things made from it like curry and saag. Let us know what is the reason behind this.

Religious reasons behind not eating Kadhi in Sawan-

According to religious beliefs, raw milk and curd are offered to Lord Shiva in the month of Saavan. In such a situation, consuming raw milk and things made from it is considered forbidden in this holy month. Curd is needed to prepare Kadhi. This is the reason why consuming Kadhi or milk-curd related things is prohibited in the month of Saavan.

Scientific reason behind not eating Kadhi in the month of Saavan-

Due to rain in the month of Sawan, there is a greater risk of insects in green leafy vegetables. Apart from this, consuming greens in the month of Sawan increases the amount of bile-increasing elements in the body, which can make a person sick by causing many types of digestive problems.

Ayurvedic reason behind not eating Kadhi in the month of Saavan-

According to Ayurveda, one should avoid consuming milk and curd based products like raita, kadhi and saag during the month of Sawan. These things have a negative impact on health. According to Ayurveda, the digestive process is slow during the month of Sawan, so there can be problems in digesting kadhi and curd. Along with this, the problem of Vata also persists.

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