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The rainy season invites diseases rapidly. In such a situation, it is important to take special precautions. Often people say that eating outside food should be completely avoided in the rain. Because there is a risk of food poisoning. But sometimes even home-cooked food makes one sick. For which these reasons are responsible.

Avoid stale food

If there is leftover food at home, avoid making the mistake of keeping it in the fridge and eating it again. Bacteria can grow in this food especially if it is eaten the next day.

Wash the utensils properly

If you do not wash the utensils in which you cook food properly, then bacteria start growing in the fine particles of food. Due to which the food cooked again can cause poisoning.

It is important to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly

If you do not wash the vegetables brought from the market properly before cooking them, then there is a risk of food poisoning. Because along with pesticides, bacteria also grow in vegetables. Therefore, remove the rotten vegetables and cook only clean vegetables.

It is important to keep hands clean

Personal hygiene is also important. When you are cooking food for others, it is important to keep your hands clean. Otherwise, the dirt from your hands reaches the food and makes it dirty.

Caution is necessary while using dairy products. Sometimes stomach infection also occurs due to eating stale cheese, curd, milk. Caution is necessary especially while giving milk and dairy products to children during rains.

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