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Exclusive: Soil and husk in the sack of paddy! Know how the big game is being played in the market adjacent to the capital…

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Nitin Namdev, Raipur. A case of soil adulteration in paddy has come to light in Mana Mandi adjacent to the capital. Soil and husk were found not in one or two but in hundreds of sacks of paddy. According to the farmers, this mistake is being committed by none other than the market founder himself, not from today but for years. Read this also: Income Tax Department's raid in Raipur and Rajnandgaon, land traders and financiers on target…

Farmer and district member Lekhu Bains, resident of Mana, said that when we came to Mana paddy market yesterday, we saw that all the sacks were adulterated. Soil is also being mixed with paddy in the sacks. When farmers bring paddy here and sell it. So paddy cleaning takes place here. After that it is given to the government. But here lumps of soil are coming out along with the paddy in the sacks.

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Farmers allege that the whole game is being done at the behest of Mandi founder Tekram Baghel, and this is not a recent thing, this work has been happening for the last many years. Farmers alleged that there is a shortage of about 1275 kattas in the society. We suspect that soil and chaff are being mixed in the sacks to cover the same. Congress was in government for 5 years. He is their president. They are their officers. This is happening under his protection.

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Former Sarpanch representative Rameshwar Patel said who all are involved in this. Don't know who has done this. The villagers are saying, they are complaining. Actually there has been rigging here. How big this game is will be known only after investigating it. Will also complain about this. I will sit and talk with the founder of the market. After that I will demand appropriate action.

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Regarding the matter, Rural Agriculture Extension Officer Jayanti Bada said that I just went there and saw that adulteration has taken place. Soil and husk were found in the sacks of paddy. Whatever happened, it happened after closing. There has been complete negligence. Mandi founder Tekram Baghel himself questions how such a huge negligence can happen. I will find out. I have sent my supervisor. Whoever has been negligent will be punished.

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