Home Madhya Pradesh Fake call center was running in hotel room: Police raided, 8 including woman arrested, incentive and target were also available in the game of fraud

Fake call center was running in hotel room: Police raided, 8 including woman arrested, incentive and target were also available in the game of fraud

Fake call center was running in hotel room: Police raided, 8 including woman arrested, incentive and target were also available in the game of fraud

Karan Mishra, Gwalior. Crime Branch Police has exposed an international cyber fraud gang. On the information of informer, major action has been taken on the instructions of IG Arvind Saxena in the posh area of ​​the city. The fraud gang was being operated by running a fake call center in a hotel room located in Madhav Nagar, a posh colony of the city. On the instructions of IG Arvind Saxena, the Crime Branch arrested eight accused including a woman from the spot during a raid.

The fraudsters used to make people from the United States and other countries including the United Kingdom, Britain and Dubai victims of cyber fraud. The crime branch has seized 08 laptops, mice, 15 mobiles, internet modem, calling script, data seat and other items from the fake call centre. The mastermind of the gang used to monitor from Dubai. At present, with the help of Cyber ​​Cell Headquarters, the police has started further investigation along with searching for the mastermind of the thug gang.

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This is how the team arrived on the information of the informer

Actually, Gwalior Zone IG Arvind Saxena had received information through an informer that some people were running a fraud gang in the guise of an international call center in a room on the second floor of Ashirwad Hotel located in Madhavnagar, Jhansi Road police station. They are extorting lakhs of rupees by calling citizens living abroad including the US and cheating them by giving various kinds of false promises.

On the instructions of the IG, the branch and police forces reached the place indicated by the informer and reached Ashirwad Hotel in Madhavnagar, where they opened the hotel gate and raided the second floor. They found 06 boys and 1 girl in the room sitting in front of the laptop with headphones in their ears. They were talking in English through eyeBeam voip calling app. With the help of force, they were caught while sitting on the chair. The call options that the crime team saw on the screen of the laptop, including dialed, missed and received call numbers, turned out to be foreign international numbers including the US and not from India.

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This is how the fraud was setup

The boys and girls found working in the call center were initially interrogated. In which information came to light that they had come to Gwalior about 7 days ago and were working since then. The setup of working space and furniture here was done by Sanjay Bhadauria resident of Morena. Karna had provided laptop, mobile phone, WiFi (router) and other electronic equipment.

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Monty Sikarwar used to provide data and mobile number for calling, through which people living outside the US and India could be talked to on mobile numbers through ij eyebeam voip calling app. During this time, posing as an agent of Microsoft company, people were deceived about the presence of virus in the computer. Then victims were cheated through gift vouchers like Apple, Walmart, GameStop, Visa etc.

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Foreign names of local accused

While talking to foreigners, the arrested thugs used to give their nicknames known in foreign countries instead of telling their real names. By changing such native names to foreign names, a trap of fraud was laid.

Target of incentive even in the game of fraud

Everyone was given salary of Rs 20,000 to 25,000 per month in cash and living expenses by gang members Monty and Karna. Whoever cheated the amount was also given 05 percent additional commission. At present, when documents related to the call center of the racket were asked on the spot, they were not able to give them to the police.

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Police registered the case under these sections, started investigation

This cyber fraud gang used to commit fraud worth lakhs of rupees by cheating. Police arrested the accused and registered a case against Abhay Rajawat, Nitesh Kumar, Deepak Thapa, Parvez Alam, Sweta Bharti, Raj Kailashkar, Suresh Wasel under sections 419, 420, 120B of IPC and 66-D IT Act in Jhansi Road police station.

Fake international call center was created using electronic gadgets

The police team recovered laptop-8, mouse, mobile phone-15, an Airtel Extreme Fiber Modem MAC 304F75EA52B1 with adapter, calling script, data seat, headphones, Tenda company's extension, lane only, power extension board-02, from the hotel room. Chairs 07, tables 05, wrist watches 02 have been duly confiscated.

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Game of bluff from within the country and game of bluff abroad

Gwalior Range IG Arvind Saxena says that through the gang members, foreigners were made victims while sitting in the country. In such a situation, further investigation has been started with the help of Bhopal Cyber ​​Headquarters. All the accused, being residents of different states and districts, used to weave a vicious web of fraud through call centres. He used to change his place of residence every day to escape from the police. In such a situation, further investigation has been started by verifying the name and address of the accused.

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