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Fear of diarrhea in the capital: As soon as summer arrives, bores are failing, bacteria are getting mixed in water, a situation of water crisis may arise.

Satyapal Rajput, Raipur. On the one hand, borewells in the capital are continuously failing. On the other hand, dangerous bacteria are coming out from the borewell. Which can make people not just sick but very sick. People may even die if they do not get timely treatment. Let us tell you that during summer days in Raipur, people reach the hospital due to jaundice and diarrhea. Which has already started. Meanwhile, the corporation has started investigation. Water testing is confirming dangerous bacteria.

The Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation said that till now we have inspected more than a hundred borewells. In which we have found maximum bacteria in 12 borewells. Which has been sealed directly. There are more than 20 borewells which we are treating. Making it drinkable again. If there are 1200-2400 E. coli bacteria then there is a possibility of treatment in such a situation. After which the water becomes drinkable again. If the E. coli bacteria exceeds 2400, then any treatment to treat the water does not give good results. Therefore such shots are sealed directly.

Fear of diarrhea in Labhandi's Sankalp Society

According to the Municipal Corporation and the Health Department, 88 people have suffered from diarrhea here. Local people say that more than a hundred people were infected with diarrhea. The local bore here has been sealed. Water was arranged through tanker. Then diarrhea has come under control. Because even in the water source of this society the number of E. coli bacteria is more than 2400.

water crisis situation

The way borewells are failing, borewells are being sealed due to bacteria, in such a situation water crisis is not far away. To deal with this, the corporation is calling Jal Jeevan Mission as an effective weapon. On which work is still going on.

How can people avoid diarrhea and jaundice?

The Commissioner said that soon the work of 24-hour water supply in Amrit Mission Jal Jeevan will be going on at a fast pace. Areas where the benefits of the scheme are not yet available. Work is being done to reach there very fast. Which will provide relief.

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