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Following SC orders, cleaning work of Wazukhana area of Gyanvapi mosque completed

VARANASI: The cleaning work of the Wazukhana or ablution area of the Gyanvapi mosque was completed on Saturday under the supervision of the district magistrate of Varanasi, members of both the Hindu and Muslim sides said.

During this work, a large number of police force and CRPF personnel were present in and around the campus.

The district administration carried the cleaning work following orders of the Supreme Court.

Advocate of the Hindu side Sudhir Tripathi said the cleaning work started around 9.15 am under the supervision of District Magistrate S Rajalingam and continued for about two-and-a- half hours.

A team of 26 people including municipal cleaning workers, fisheries department and fire brigade employees were present in the work.

Also, all four litigants from the Hindu side and their advocates as well as the litigants from the Muslim side and their advocates were present.

Tripathi said three motor pumps were installed to remove water from the tank built in Wazukhana.

After draining the water, the tank was cleaned thoroughly. After cleaning, the washroom was also sealed again.

Secretary of the Intejamia Masajid Committee Mohammad Yasin said after the tank was cleaned, dead fish lying in it were handed over to the Municipal Corporation employees.

He added the administration gave over 40 live fish to him.

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