Home Chhattisgarh Foreign birds returning to their homeland after 6 months of migration…

Foreign birds returning to their homeland after 6 months of migration…

Foreign birds returning to their homeland after 6 months of migration…

Migratory Bird In Chhattisgarh: With the arrival of summer, the return of foreign birds coming during the cold season has started. With the onset of cold in many countries, birds migrate to India. Along with other places, Chhattisgarh is also included among the favorite places of these birds.

The return of birds that camp in the lakes of the district from mid-September begins from mid-March. Meanwhile, with the arrival of birds, the beauty of the lakes increases and a large number of people come to see them. The departure of birds has started after six months of migration. Due to the arrival of foreign birds in large numbers every year, researchers are also trying to find out the reason.

Chhattisgarh becomes center of attraction (Migratory Bird In Chhattisgadh)

Environment lovers and World Photographers, who have been photographing birds coming to Chhattisgarh for many years, say that when cold starts in the northern hemisphere of the earth, a large number of birds move to India for food, breeding and safety. Many of these come to different cities and towns of Chhattisgarh. The main reasons for this are less cold and large number of lakes. Due to the presence of small and big lakes in Chhattisgarh, food as well as living conditions are the center of attraction. Birds from Europe as well as Russia, Japan, China etc. have been found in the lakes here. It is very cold in Siberia, so they come to Chhattisgarh to spend the winter. We have sunlight according to their adaptation, which proves to be very helpful for their hatching and development.

Every year 67 types of migratory birds keep reaching the fort.

According to the Forest Department of Durg, about 70 species of birds have been seen in the district at present. Of these, there are 31 species which are migratory. These birds have reached here from countries like Siberian, Caspian Sea and Tibet. Most species of birds have been seen in Belaudi of Patan. This area is now developing as a bird watching point.