Have you ever heard the name of Ambli, it is very beneficial for diabetes and digestion

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To keep digestion healthy, it is necessary to have good bacteria in the intestines. Fermented foods help a lot in increasing good bacteria. Desi drink Ambli is very effective in the list of fermented foods. Along with improving gut health, it also helps in protecting health from many other diseases.

Benefits of drinking Ambli

Ambli improves gut health

Any kind of millet, kodo or millets can be used to make Ambli. After being fermented, it improves gut health. Due to which digestion remains good and the food eaten is easily digested.

Cures vitamin B12 deficiency

Millets like kodo and bajra contain adequate amounts of calcium and phosphorus. People who have a deficiency of vitamin B12 in their body should drink ambali. This helps the cells to absorb vitamin B12 easily and there is no need to take separate supplements for vitamin B12.

Ambli is beneficial for diabetes patients

Drinking Ambli prepared with millets like Kodo, Sanwa cures type 2 diabetes. Millets have low glycemic index and high fiber content. This controls blood sugar level. Therefore, drinking Ambli is beneficial for diabetes patients.

Will get relief from constipation

If you struggle with constipation problem daily then Ambli drink is the best. Drinking it provides ample amount of fiber. Due to which the stomach gets cleared easily.

Provides energy

Millets contain all the essential nutrients. When you drink Ambli, it keeps you energetic throughout the day due to the iron, magnesium and vitamin B complex present in it.

Helps in weight loss

People who want to lose weight, especially diabetic patients should drink Ambli drink made from millets for weight loss. It helps in keeping the stomach full for a long time and making you feel full.

How to make Ambli

Take millets like bajra and soak them for ten hours.

Then add it ten times and cook.

Then filter it and keep the water for about six to eight hours.

Next day, drink this water by adding cumin, salt.

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