Hiccups do not stop even after drinking water, know this trick today, it will be useful in emergency

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Hiccups are a very normal thing. It can come at any time. Often it ends after drinking a little water but the real problem starts when it does not stop even after trying a lot. Continuous hiccups make one feel very uncomfortable and the stomach also starts hurting. If you often get hiccups for a long time, then you should immediately consult a doctor. Apart from this, here we are going to tell you some home remedies with the help of which you will get immediate relief.

Holding your breath for a while will help

If you are not feeling relieved even after drinking water, then definitely try the trick of holding your breath for some time. For this, you have to sit comfortably and try to hold your breath. Hold your breath for ten to twenty seconds and then take it back in. Keep doing this for some time. Your hiccups will subside in a short while.

Drinking water by holding your nose will give relief

This method of stopping hiccups is also very easy and beneficial. For this, you just have to drink a glass of water. But not in the normal way but by holding your nose. Squeeze your nose with your fingers and drink water in sips. You will see that your hiccups will stop immediately.

Sucking lemon will also give benefits

If your hiccups are not stopping even after all the efforts, then lemon can help you. Cut a slice of lemon and apply a little salt to it and keep sucking it. In a short while your hiccups will stop.

Sugar will also help

Even if there is no lemon in the house, sugar is usually found in everyone’s house. This is also the easiest and most effective remedy to stop hiccups. You just have to chew and eat a spoonful of sugar. Your hiccups will stop in a short while. If you want, you can also drink the syrup by dissolving sugar in a glass of cold water.

This point of the palm will work

Now a remedy for which no external thing is needed at all. Whether you are outside the house or whatever the condition, you can easily stop your hiccups with the help of this trick. You just have to apply light pressure in the middle of the palm of your other hand with one hand. Do not try to press too hard. You will get rid of hiccups in a short time.

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