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Holi played with ashes in the city of Mahakal: Parvati with Bholenath and Radha with Krishna celebrated Holi, ghosts wearing Mund Mala, Nandi and devotees also participated.

Ajay Neema, Ujjain. The festival of Holi is celebrated in a unique style in Ujjain, the city of Mahakal. Here all the devotees were seen dancing and singing, engrossed in the devotion of Shiva since the day before. Lord Shiva-Parvati and their Ganas i.e. ghosts and vampires participated in this Holi and the devotees along with them became Shiva like by coloring in the colors of devotion. Holi was played with ashes in Ujjain.

Videos; Flowers rained in the court of Mahakal: A large number of devotees were present, today Holika Dahan will be held in the temple courtyard.

Here Holi is played with ashes, flowers as well as Abir Gulal. In Holi played today, devotees took the form of Lord Shiva, Mother Parvati, Krishna and Radha. Along with this, a large number of devotees were seen dancing and singing. Here devotees were also seen making bhang, smoking pipe and playing backgammon.

There is a risk of diseases like infection, asthma and skin cancer due to chemical colors, take these precautions

In the religious city of Ujjain, both Shiva i.e. Mahakal and Parvati i.e. Shaktipeeth Mata Harsiddhi reside, hence the festival of Holi is celebrated here with Shiva and Parvati. Today on Sunday, on the full moon day, Holi festival was organized in Mahakal forest situated between Mahakaleshwar temple and Mata Harsiddhi temple.

The city's biggest 15 feet high Holika is ready: made of 25 thousand cow dung cakes, before burning, oath will be taken to vote in the Lok Sabha elections.

Shiva and Parvati participated in the event in a symbolic form. It seemed as if Bholenath had actually come with his better half. When Shiva and Parvati themselves started dancing here, even the devotees could not stop themselves and were seen dancing and singing. Along with this, devotees were also seen here in the form of Lord Krishna and Radha.

A glimpse of self-reliant India was seen in the markets, traders banned Chinese items, demanded herbal colors and Indian Pichkari.

To celebrate Holi, Shiva's Gana i.e. ghosts, vampires and Nandi also participated here, who were decorated in amazing style. It seemed as if Shiva's army had actually arrived. In the form of a procession, devotees and Lord Shiva reach the venue dancing and singing. This unique style of Holi is seen only in Shiva city Ujjain.

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