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Hospitality sector, MSMEs make a beeline in Ayodhya after Jan 22

All these projects will be performing ‘Bhoomi-pujan’ (ground breaking) in February as the modalities including the land acquisition for such projects have been completed, say the sources.

These hospitality projects worth Rs 3500 crore and comprising 7500 rooms, will be equipped with upmarket five-star facilities. The construction of those facilities will create at least 10,000 jobs, says the tourism department sources.

“In the wake of the rising graph of spiritual and religious tourism in the state especially after the inauguration of Ram temple, the state government is encouraging the players of the hospitality industry to set up units in the districts adjoining Ayodhya to maximize the facilities for the devotees and tourists as their number is likely to increase in the days to come in Ayodhya,” says UP tourism minister Jaiveer Singh.

The minister claims that in 2023, Ayodhya got 5.76 crore devotees and Kashi Vishwanath Dham 8.55 crore. Till the consecration ceremony, around 700 registered home-stay were already there in the temple town and the number has gone up by 441 more after the approval by the district administration during the last 10 days. Even multinational hospitality chain Oyo has also started its services in Ayodhya.

Meanwhile, as per the figures provided by a recent report of Forum for Internet Retailers, Sellers & Traders (FIRST), Ram Mandir has proved to be trade multiplier pushing the temple related MSMEs to log an additional business of over Rs 55000 crore from January 1 to January 26, this year with projections of touching Rs 90,000 crore by January end.

The report also tracked the migration of over 170 artisans engaged in the manufacturing of Puja related goods, and 6000 plus MSMEs in retail, manufacturing and services to the temple town from other cities. Majority of those migrants are Ayodhya natives who return to their roots.

The report claims that there has been an increased online demand for products including Ram temple miniatures, lanterns, idols, stoles, scarves, shawls, diyas, flags besides the flowers, prasad, not only in India but from across the globe.

Temple town’s wealth multiplies

‘Navya Ayodhya’ is a blessing for the tourism sector as well as Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). Here’s how the temple town’s fortunes have changed:

  • Pilgrim count – Over 2L per day

  • Projected figures – 4L as weather sobers

  • Home-stays (till consecration) – 700 (registered)

  • Post-consecration – 1,141

Biz power

  • Rs 1 lakh-crore business by MSMEs in January alone

  • Hospitality projects with 7500 rooms worth Rs 3,500 crore

  • 145 hotels, resorts & guest houses coming up this year

  • Number of MSMEs – 6000+

  • Job generation – 10,000

  • Artisans – 170 migrate to Ayodhya

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