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In Hinduism, the month of Sawan is considered very holy. This entire month is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Many people belonging to the Hindu religion abstain from many things during the month of Sawan. One of these is staying away from non-veg. Now, on normal days, people fulfill their protein needs by eating fish, eggs and non-veg; especially people who go to the gym have a high protein requirement. But during the days of Sawan, when non-veg is not consumed, how to fulfill the protein requirement in the body, today we are going to tell you about this.

Eat plenty of lentils and beans

Arhar dal and almost all types of beans are rich in protein. People who go to the gym can fulfill the protein requirement of the body by including lentils, kidney beans, black beans and beans in their daily diet. Along with this, they are also very beneficial for your overall health. They also provide fiber, iron and other essential nutrients to the body.

Include dairy products in the diet

Any dairy product like milk, curd, cheese etc. contains a good amount of protein. By including these products in different ways in your daily diet, you can fulfill the protein requirement of your body. If you go to the gym daily, then you must include dairy products in your diet. You can prepare different types of dishes or else you can eat and drink them normally.

Soya products also have a treasure of protein hidden in them

Products made from soybean seeds like Nutrela and Tofu also contain a lot of protein. Different dishes can be made using these products. People who go to the gym can fulfill their body’s protein requirement by including these products in their daily diet without eating non-veg.

Don’t forget to eat a handful of dry fruits

Dry fruits also contain vitamins, fiber, protein as well as other essential nutrients. You can fulfill the protein requirement of the body by including cashews, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, chia seeds etc. in your daily diet. Instead of snacks every evening, you can make crunchy and tasty dry fruits a part of your diet.

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