If you use melon seeds like this, it will be beneficial for health along with taste

The Uncut

Everyone likes to eat juicy and sweet fruits in summer. Everyone likes everything from mango to muskmelon. But do you know that the seeds of many fruits are as healthy as those fruits. There was a time when grandmothers used to collect muskmelon seeds and keep them in an earthen pot. Then after three-four days, the pulp wrapped in it was removed and the seeds were washed with clean water and dried in mild sunlight. Then the seeds were peeled, dried and closed in a box. During fasts and festivals, especially on the occasion of Janmashtami, Meeng Pak was made from it. It has been said since ancient times that the body gets strength by consuming these seeds.

It is true that melon seeds are rich in nutrients. But, in today’s world, everyone is short of time due to their busy schedule. Washing, drying and peeling the seeds is not everyone’s cup of tea. In such a situation, due to lack of time, we throw them away and we lose many health benefits.

This seed is an excellent source of plant protein, which is essential for building and repairing body tissues. Nutritionists also believe that eating melon seeds keeps many diseases away.

use it like this

1) I use melon seeds in three ways. First, use fresh seeds with peel. Second, peel the seeds and roast them because roasted seeds are easily digested by the body and third, make powder of them.

2) Salad is an important part of our diet. You can also use these seeds in salad. Sprinkle roasted melon seeds on freshly cut salad. The amount of nutrition in the salad will increase. While making Kachumber salad, mix lemon juice, salt and black pepper in melon seed powder and add it to the mixture of finely chopped onion, cucumber and tomato. The taste will become excellent.

3) Melon powder can also be added to raita, pudding, smoothie, lassi and shakes etc.

4) You can use these roasted melon seeds as garnishing in soup, stir fried vegetables, homemade pizza, cheela, paneer etc.

5) Often children do not like to eat seeds. In such a case, make any stuffing and add a little powder of seeds to it. Along with the taste, health will also remain intact and children will not even know.

6) Mix the roasted melon seeds with other roasted seeds or roasted peanuts or roasted cashews and add black salt, black pepper and serve with evening tea.

7) Make one string of sugar syrup and mix melon seed powder in it. Then store it in a plate and cut it. No one will be able to tell whether it is melon seed katli or cashew katli.

Effect on health

Zinc, potassium, manganese, sodium, calcium, iron, protein and fiber are found in good quantities in melon seeds, which are very beneficial for health. Apart from this, it is the best source of protein for those who take a vegan diet i.e. plant-based diet. Let’s know what other health benefits melon seeds have:

Eating them eliminates the phlegm accumulated in the body. Apart from this, it also protects against infections. Vitamin C is also found in it.

-If there is any digestive problem then eating melon seeds gives relief.

-People who have high blood pressure problems should include this seed regularly in their diet. Regularly taking one teaspoon of melon seed powder with lukewarm water reduces blood pressure.

-Calcium is found in these seeds, which is very good for bones and teeth.

-It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are considered very good for heart health. It contains antioxidants which keep cholesterol levels under control.

– Keep in mind that these seeds should not be consumed more than one or two spoons daily.

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