Jandarshan: Chief Minister Sai said- go immediately, arrangements will be made…

The Uncut

Raipur: An applicant Mrs. Shashi Verma also reached the Jan Darshan program organized at the official residence office of Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai today with her child. Shashi Verma told the Chief Minister that the child needs to be treated in Raipur. I have heard that you have provided accommodation facilities for people who come for treatment in Kunkuri Sadan, so I have also come here to request.

The Chief Minister told Shashi to take the child to Kunkuri Sadan. Kunkuri Sadan has been built to help people who are facing any kind of problem in getting treatment in the capital. Doctors and ambulances are also available there for first aid.

The Chief Minister directed the officials to make arrangements for the child to stay in Kunkuri Sadan. Mrs. Shashi Verma said that someone had told her about Kunkuri Sadan. Yesterday only I came to know that today is the Chief Minister’s Jan Darshan program, so I came here and today itself the Chief Minister solved my problem. I am very happy.

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