Karnataka: Petrol price hiked by Rs 3 and diesel by Rs 3.05 per liter; Congress government’s big decision

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The Karnataka government has decided to increase fuel prices. The Congress Siddaramaiah government has decided to increase the price of petrol by three rupees and diesel by about Rs 3.05 per liter. According to this decision of the Congress government, the Congress government has decided to increase the sales tax of petrol by 29.84 percent, while the sales tax of diesel has been increased by 18.44 percent. Regarding the impact of this decision, the Petroleum Dealers Association said that with immediate effect in Karnataka, the price of petrol will increase by about three rupees and the price of diesel will increase by Rs 3.05.

Consumers will have to loosen their pockets
This decision is also likely to affect the commonly used items of consumers. The prices of everyday items may rise. People use vehicles on a large scale for daily commuting. Also, ticket rates may change after the increase in fuel prices in public transport. Let us tell you that just after the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections 2024, the major milk companies of the country had announced to increase the prices. In such a situation, the decision to increase the prices of petrol and diesel is likely to increase the burden on the public.

Expensive electricity hits Congress-ruled Punjab
It is worth noting that before Karnataka, the Congress government of Punjab had decided to increase the electricity rates. According to the news, the increase in the price of domestic and industrial electricity was announced in Punjab on Friday. The new prices will be implemented from June 16, but the government has given a big relief to the public. The government has only increased the price of those 300 units by 10-12 paise per unit which the government is giving free to the public. That means the public will not be burdened by this. The state government itself will bear this burden.

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