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Lawyer tries to justify wearing jeans to court, Gauhati HC says he may next ask for ‘torn jeans, pajamas’

GUWAHATI: The Gauhati High Court has dismissed the interlocutory application of a lawyer seeking modifications to an order by which it had evicted him from the court premises after he had showed up wearing jeans.

Justice Kalyan Rai Surana was critical of the lawyer Bijan Kumar Mahajan for attempting to justify his conduct on the ground that jeans are not excluded under the Gauhati High Court Rules although they are excluded under the Bar Council of India Rules.

The court said Mahajan was making an attempt to open the Pandora’s Box through the interlocutory application.

“If jeans can be worn in court, then the applicant may next ask why he shall not be permitted to appear in court in ‘torn’ jeans, ‘faded’ jeans, jeans with ‘printed patches’, which are considered to be fashionable, or why he should not be allowed to appear in black track pant, or black pajamas merely because the Gauhati High Court Rules have not specifically excluded those,” the court said in its order issued recently.

Mahajan, who is a senior lawyer, submitted that the court could not have de-courted him as he had expressed his regret and assured the court not to repeat the same. He said as he was not discourteous or unruly, the court ought not to have called the police to de-court him, for he was not a security threat.

Further, he submitted that the Gauhati High Court Rules did not empower the court to de-court him.

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