Leopard that entered a school in Tirupattur, Tamil Nadu was caught…

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Tirupattur: A leopard that had entered a school and then a parking area in Tamil Nadu’s Tirupattur was finally captured by a forest department team after an overnight operation, officials said on Saturday.
Officials said that the forest department team captured the leopard by tranquillising it on Saturday morning.

He said a parent, who had come to pick up his child from a school located near the District Magistrate’s office, had spotted the leopard inside the school premises at around 4 pm on Friday following which the authorities were informed.

After receiving the information, police and forest department employees immediately reached the school and evacuated all the students safely.

Officials said the leopard entered the parking area from the school premises and five people who saw the leopard remained seated inside their car for eight hours as it moved around their vehicle.

He said that first the leopard climbed on a car and then sat under another vehicle and after this it started moving towards the ‘car shed’.

Officials said the leopard attacked and injured a man, who has been admitted to a hospital.

He said three teams of 50 forest department employees along with the police reached the spot and laid a rope net around the car shed to catch the leopard.

Officials said the leopard was captured after a team of veterinarians anaesthetised it on Saturday morning.

He said, “We have successfully captured the leopard. We will release it in the forest after its health is checked by veterinarians.”

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