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Mahadev App, Coal and Liquor Scam: The jailed accused were interrogated for four days, ACB-EOW prepared 70 pages of documents, now the scope of investigation will increase, read the full news…

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Shivam Mishra, Raipur. Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB)/(EOW)'s interrogation of the accused jailed in Chhattisgarh's famous Mahadev online betting book, coal levy and liquor scam cases has ended. This team was continuously interrogating the accused in the Central Jail for the last four days. After interrogating the people associated with these high profile scams, the officials are trying to connect different links, but according to the information received from the sources, some of the accused in jail did not cooperate at all with the ACB/EOW team in the investigation. Is. After this, preparations are also being made for the remand of the accused. The team of Anti Corruption Bureau is soon going to apply in the special court for remand of the accused.

After permission from the Special Court, a six-member team of ACB/EOW reached Raipur Central Jail at 4:40 pm on Friday afternoon. During this, the accused were interrogated for a few hours. The first day's interrogation was focused only on the accused related to coal levy. He was interrogated on a total of 5 points including accounts and recovery.

Even on Saturday afternoon, a six-member team including Additional SP, 2 DSPs along with 2 inspectors had reached the Central Jail complex with some documents and electronic devices. Even on this day, a long interrogation of about 7-8 hours was conducted on matters related to Mahadev Book and Coal, but the ACB/EOW team did not get much information.

Mahadev App, Coal and Liquor Scam: The jailed accused were interrogated for four days, ACB-EOW prepared 70 pages of documents, now the scope of investigation will increase, read the full news... 6

Documents in red clothes including laptop, printer

At 11 am on Sunday morning, the ACB/EOW team divided itself into two groups and came to interrogate the accused. This time the team had arrived with laptop, printer, pendrive and important documents sealed in red clothes. People associated with Mahadev online betting book and black coal business were interrogated for 9 hours, in which information about the transactions of many state police service officers and white collar people has come to light. However, some accused had refused the interrogation of the officers citing that they had given all the information to the ED.

Complete transaction of Mahadev's money

The ACB/EOW team had interrogated four accused jailed in the Mahadev Satta case for 9 hours. Although ACB has interrogated the accused on 25 different points, but mainly wanted to understand the accounting of betting money. To what level did the connection with these money transactions reach? How much amount was delivered to the officers of the police department. Who was involved among the political party leaders? Also, which businessmen were responsible for citing hawala in Mahadev's work? After interrogating these points, a record of about 48 pages has been prepared.

70 pages of documents of Mahadev, coal and liquor scam

Selected accused in all the three cases lodged in the Central Jail were interrogated. According to information received from sources, Mahadev App accused Aseem Das, Bhim Singh, Chandrabhushan Verma and Satish Chandrakar were interrogated. Suspended IAS Sameer Bishnoi, Suryakant Tiwari, Sunil Aggarwal and Nair were interrogated in the coal scam. Arvind Singh, arrested in liquor scam, was interrogated. After interrogating all these accused, ACB/EOW officials have prepared a 70-page document, after which the scope of investigation will now be expanded.

Permission granted to interrogate Soumya and Ranu

Permission has been granted to interrogate former suspended IAS Ranu Sahu and Soumya Chaurasia in the coal case. The special court has given permission to the ACB/EOW team for three days of interrogation on 4-5 and 7 April. After this, now the ACB team along with women officers is preparing to interrogate Soumya Chaurasia and Ranu Sahu. According to sources, inquiries will be made on 13 points related to the coal scam.

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