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'Mahtari' will sail through BJP's boat! Government machinery clashed to implement Mahtari Vandan Yojana before Lok Sabha elections, but making the process online became a challenge.

Purushottam Patra, Gariaband. The government machinery is fighting on a war footing to implement the Mahtari Vandan Yojana, which made it easier for the BJP to reach power, before the Lok Sabha elections. A target has been set to connect 1.80 lakh women with the scheme in 51 thousand Anganwadi centers of Gariaband district. In this, till now the department has taken 1.50 lakh applications offline. Making it online now remains a challenge.

In any case, the application has to be made online by 20th February. To do this, apart from 1465 Anganwadi workers, 400 Panchayat workers and operators are seen working hard day and night. District Program Officer of Women and Child Development Department, Ashok Pandey said that till 5 pm on Sunday, 51,591 applications have been made online. The server becomes slow from 11 am to 4 pm. In such a situation, the employees are showing their dedication towards work by uploading the data till 12 midnight. The work will be completed by the scheduled date.

Collector is reaching every village and taking stock

In the initial phase, the responsibility of the scheme was given only to the Women and Child Development Department. Collector Deepak Aggarwal himself took charge to speed up the work. He started random inspection of the centres. District Panchayat CEO, District Program Officer were given the responsibility of nodal officer of the district, while District CEO and SIDIPIO were given the responsibility of nodal in the block. Instead of 1000, 1300 IDs were opened. Beneficiary Choice Centers were also given the facility to apply online through beneficiary ID. Only then has there been an increase in the number of online applications.

3000 forms could not be made online

Apart from the problem of slow server, the name of Anganwadi centers is showing in the departmental ID of Devbhog and Gariaband of other blocks. As soon as the names of the beneficiaries are loaded, other centers are visible instead of the actual address. Due to this problem, about 3000 forms could not be made online in 20 Anganwadi centers of Devbhog and 14 Anganwadi centers of Gariaband Municipality. The District Project Officer had written a letter to the office three days ago asking them to rectify it. After the improvements, the form is now being made online.

According to the information, till now least 5592 forms have been made online in Devbhog, 7007 in Gariaband. Whereas the maximum number of online 14975 was filled in Phingeshwar block. At second place is Chhura block with 12502 applications online. So Mainpur block is at third place. Where 11515 forms were made online.

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