Malviya will file a criminal defamation case against Shantanu Sinha

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Kolkata. Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Amit Malviya on Wednesday said he will file a criminal defamation case against Kolkata advocate Shantanu Sinha for allegedly making “derogatory” remarks against him in a social media post. Reacting to Malviya’s statement, Sinha said he was ready for a legal battle.

Malviya said in a post on ‘X’, “Shantanu Sinha’s reprehensible Facebook post of June 7, 2024 has raised the specter or crisis of a compromised political system. This system sees women as objects.” He said, “It views work relations in public life from a binary perspective on the basis of gender, which is particularly degrading to women.”

The BJP IT cell chief posted, “So it is not surprising that the Trinamool Congress and the Indian National Congress chose to spread and propagate the lie when they should have spoken up for the dignity of women.” Malviya said, “My advocates sent a legal notice to Shantanu Sinha on June 8, demanding an unconditional apology, but Sinha’s reply dated June 11, 2024 is not clear. His reply is not in line with the demand made in the legal notice. His alleged apology is extremely problematic and weak.”

He said, “The alleged post was defamatory, well-planned and malicious. More defamation has occurred due to the wide publicity of the opposition parties.” He said, “Therefore, I have decided to file a criminal defamation case against Shantanu Sinha under appropriate sections of the Indian Penal Code. As per the consultation, other civil remedies can also be taken.”

Sinha told PTI-Bhasha, “He (Amit Malviya) has the right to file a defamation case. Whatever I have to say, I will answer in court. First let me get the case documents. I am ready for a legal battle.” Kolkata advocate Shantanu Sinha, who has received a legal notice for making “false and defamatory allegations” against Malviya, on Tuesday claimed that his statements were “misinterpreted”. Sinha also said that he would not take back the post, but if it hurt Malviya, he expressed “heartfelt regret”.

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